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Blogs & Microsites

Pillsbury's Legal Blogs and Microsites provide quick information and insight on legal and business developments in specific industries, drawing on the knowledge and experience of leading lawyers who have focused on these industries for years.

The CommLawCenter covers the political, economic, and regulatory environment for media companies, program networks, station owners and numerous other players in the communications industry. With timely analysis of the industry's business pressures, strategies and legal issues, Pillsbury's CommLawCenter attorneys provide valuable alerts and insights to help businesses better manage their operations, engage policymakers and update strategic plans.

Cuba Resource Center
With the re-establishment of diplomatic and economic relations between the United States and Cuba, U.S. businesses can, for the first time in more than 50 years, again consider the prospect of commerce and investment with the island nation. Companies wishing to take advantage of business opportunities in Cuba will need to understand U.S. sanctions and export rules, plan strategically and prepare compliance policies to manage legal risks. The lawyers in Pillsbury’s top-ranked International Trade practice bring a sophisticated knowledge of the practical and legal concerns that accompany operating in countries where sanctions, export controls, anti-corruption challenges and complex political pressures are in play.

Global Trade & Sanctions Law
Pillsbury’s Global Trade and Sanctions Blog provides news and insights on all issues related to international trade and sanctions activity. These topics include export controls and embargoes; regulation of foreign investment; customs compliance and enforcement; Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance; the interpretation of international trade agreements and litigation or settlement of trade disputes; trade remedy proceedings (such as antidumping investigations); trade-related legislative developments; and trade issues that arise in transactions. Contributors to this blog possess a sophisticated knowledge of the countless ways in which trade concerns affect a wide range of industries.

Gravel2Gavel is a comprehensive blog covering a wide range of business and legal issues affecting the construction industry and related sectors such as real estate and infrastructure development. Gravel2Gavel covers trends in the construction economy, public-private partnerships, insurance and liability news, notes on landmark projects and the impact of key court cases. The blog’s contributors include lawyers from among several Pillsbury practices, including the firm’s Construction Counseling & Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Real Estate, Energy, Government Contracts & Disputes, Insurance Recovery & Advisory and other teams. Lawyers in Pillsbury's construction litigation practice were awarded the "2010 Award for Excellence in Construction" by Chambers USA, reflecting their preeminence in the field of construction law. Gravel2Gavel also features RSS support and links to widely-recognized construction news resources and industry organizations.

Pillsbury's Investment Fund Law Blog provides updates and insights on legal issues for fund managers, investment advisers and investment companies seeking the latest information and analysis about the Dodd-Frank Act, SEC registration and examinations, alternative investments, due diligence, disclosure, Form ADV, derivatives and other issues. The blog, written by members of Pillsbury’s nationally ranked Investment Funds team, also links to SEC rules and reviews, government statues and current news articles.

The Social Media & Games Law Blog covers interesting business and legal issues and upcoming events in the virtual world, social media and video game industries. Pillsbury was the first major law firm to develop a team dedicated to the unique legal issues involved in virtual worlds, video games, social networking sites and other online communities. Our multidisciplinary team includes lawyers with hands-on experience in virtual worlds and games, along with a broad array of legal backgrounds.

Pillsbury Global Sourcing advises buyers on all aspects of outsourcing and complex technology acquisitions. We have architected and negotiated deals worth over a half a trillion dollars on behalf of Fortune 500 clients. Blog content taps the insight of our people based in London, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

Ukraine/Russia Sanctions Resource Center
As tensions between Russia and the West continue to mount, so do the sanctions and counter-sanctions flying back and forth between nations. For companies with financial interests that extend to any of the affected regions—and to Russia in particular—the resulting legal issues have made business as usual a complex, risk-laden affair. Pillsbury’s lawyers counsel companies with respect to the political, policy and diplomatic aspects of sanctions and counter-sanctions, and bring sophisticated knowledge to bear in analyzing and gauging the impact of sanctions as soon as they are announced.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Law (UAS)
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Drones. No matter the terminology, the advent of this technology has been hailed as everything from the future of warfare to the future of pizza delivery. More explosion than gradual rise, UAS usage is continuously generating a host of regulatory and other legal questions even as it creates countless business opportunities in multiple industries. Pillsbury’s UAS Blog brings together the thoughts and legal perspectives of the firm’s UAS Focus Team, itself comprising internationally renowned lawyers in the fields of Aviation, International Trade, Communications, Technology, Privacy and Global Security, among others.

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