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    Practices / Industries


    Chiyat B. Yau

    Chiyat B. Yau
    Patent Agent

    T: +1.703.770.7547 F: +1.703.770.7901

    Chiyat Ben Yau is a patent agent in the law firm's Intellectual Property practice and is located in the Northern Virginia office. Dr. Yau is not an attorney. As a patent agent, Dr. Yau performs various tasks related to patent prosecution including all aspects of preparing and prosecuting patent application as well as conducting novelty and infringement searches in Physics patents, Materials patents, and Engineering patents. His experience includes product evaluation, marketing photonic, electrical, sensor, biomedical, and nanotechnological devices. Dr. Yau is also the author of numerous publications, presentations and awarded proposals.

    Prior to joining Pillsbury, Dr. Yau worked as a patent agent for an Intellectual Property law firm. He handled patent prosecution in electronics such as:

    • Operation method and system of electronic device such as display device, computer system, etc,
    • various electronic devices (semiconductors, liquid crystal or organic light emitting display panel, touch panel, x-ray sensor array, etc.),
    • electronic materials (organic light emitting materials, doping of materials, rechargeable battery electrolyte component, active electrode materials, nano materials, etc.),
    • manufacturing methods and manufacturing apparatus (e.g. thin film deposition techniques, UV lithography, nozzle spraying, vacuum chamber, furnace, etc.),
    • circuitry (circuit design and components such as thermistor and stress sensing capacitor), and
    • mechanical engineering (e.g. computer stand, display frame, water distillation system, etc.), etc.

    Materials Research Society, American Ceramics Society, and American Physical Society

    U.S. Patent Applications

    "Two-dimensional array of portable sensors for trace bio-chemical molecules detection with self-cleaning mechanism", 2010, Ben Yau and Yifen Wang

    "Wearable laser device", 2010, Ben Yau

    "Portable device and method for on-site detection of trace amounts of biological materials", 2008, Ben Yau and Yifen Wang

    Speaking Engagements

    • "Additional mode of PbZrxTi1-xO3 (x = 0-1)," American Physical Society March Meeting, in Denver, Colorado, 2007
    • "Performance and reliability enhancement in La-substituted bismuth titanate nonvolatile memories," Showcase Exhibition, University of Cincinnati, 2006
    • "Polarization maximization in pure-c-oriented La-doped bismuth titanate films," 29th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramic Composites, 2005
    • "Positron annihilation revealed fatigue mechanism in metalorganic derived ferroelectric films," 29th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramic Composites, 2005
    • ”Raman study of effects of excess Bi content in metalorganic derived Bi4Ti3O12 films," 106th Meeting of American Ceramic Society, 2004
    • "Raman scattering in La doped Bi4Ti3O12 films," 106th Meeting of American Ceramic Society, 2004
    • "Raman study of excess Bi and La doping effects in Bi4Ti3O12 films," 106th Meeting of American Ceramic Society, 2004
    • "Raman scattering in ferroelectric films," Poster Presentation in Poster Contest of Materials Science and Engineering Department of UC, 2003
    • "A concrete evidence and a novel material: epitaxy improvement of high-Tc superconducting thin films by adoption of new ECO buffer," Presentations in the 2nd Annual Graduate Student Research/Scholarship Forum, 2001
    • "Fabrication of Superconducting YBa2Cu3Oy Thin Films with and without Eu2CuO4 buffer layers," Conference Presentations in MRS Fall Conference, Boston, 2001
    • "Ultrathin films of Y-Ba-Cu-O on YSZ (100) substrate with Eu–Cu–O buffer," Conference Presentations in M2S-HTSC, Houston, 2001
    • "Growth of Eu–Cu–O thin films on YSZ (100) substrates," Conference Presentations in M2S-HTSC, Houston, 2000
    Registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 2006
    M.Phil./M.S., Physics, University of Hong Kong, 2001
    B.S., Physics, University of Hong Kong, 1998
    with honors

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