Pillsbury Law

A Growth Business' Growing Real Estate Portfolio

Capitol Petroleum Group has made more than 200 service station acquisitions over the past 24 years to become the largest owner of service stations in the Metro DC region. The company took in just one outside investor during that time, instead funding each deal internally or with bank financing. But in 2009, CPG's trajectory changed dramatically: in a rapid-fire series of acquisitions, the company added more than 200 new stations to its portfolio, including a 71-station purchase in New York City from ExxonMobil that was financed by mortgage and mezzanine debt (a first for the company). For more than 10 years, Pillsbury lawyers have served as the de facto general counsel's office for CPG, advising on real estate and financing matters as well as establishing holding companies, performing environmental due diligence, negotiating mortgage finance documents, and securing insurance coverage.