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Crisis Management Brochure | Pillsbury | 2015
Crisis Management Toolkit App
Emergency Response Fact Sheet
Greg Laughlin CM video
Elizabeth Moeller Discusses Crisis Strategy Planning in Government Investigations

Insurance Recovery and Advisory Partner Peter Gillon discusses Super-storm Sandy’s business impacts and the need for companies to identify which buckets of insurance coverage may be available to address direct losses as well as losses caused by contingent business interruption issues.VIEW VIDEO NOW >>

Additional Videos

In the midst of a crisis, companies are prone to acting in ways that make the situation worse, not better. Thomas Campbell, leader of Pillsbury's Crisis Management Team, provides guidelines for getting to the other side of a crisis while keeping your company’s credibility and reputation intact.

The chances are your company will experience a data breach. Pillsbury's Crisis Management Team member, Cathie Meyer, shares tips on what your company can do to protect itself, and how to handle the situation once a breach occurs.

Environmental spills can result in civil or even criminal penalties. To minimize this risk, companies need to understand the importance of meeting legal requirements, in addition to responding to the actual event. Sheila Harvey, an Energy/Environmental partner, explains several critical steps.

Crisis Polls

Does your company have a response plan in the event of a security breach of customer data?

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Are you prepared for the worst?

Every business faces the possibility of a crisis—whether it's insider trading, a data breach or a major accident. To land on your feet, you need to plan up front and be prepared to react swiftly and with confidence. We can help. 

Businesses, governments and other organizations around the world count on our lawyers to help them both prevent and prepare for crisis. We are also the firm they call when crisis hits. With our extensive legal, regulatory and crisis management experience, we can offer our clients clear and actionable advice.

Team Leader

Thomas A. Campbell
Crisis Checklist:
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Every crisis is unique but there are some questions we field repeatedly.
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Lessons Learned

Past crisis events often offer the best chance for us to learn what worked and what did not in responding to accidents, natural disasters, security breaches and other brand damaging events.


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