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Crisis Management: Loss Management and Emergency Response
Author: Thomas A. Campbell

When you are dealing with an isolated crisis or large-scale disaster, Pillsbury can help you survive and even thrive. Our experience is vast and includes notable crises such as the Deepwater Horizon and Exxon Valdez spills, the Big Blue crane collapse, the Three Mile Island accident and numerous aviation accidents around the world. We have helped clients navigate situations as diverse as environmental and industrial accidents, privacy breaches, nuclear accidents, FCPA claims, and whistle-blower cases. This overview brochure details Pillsbury's experience and capabilities across a range of situations and also includes information on our crisis prevention services.

April 2015
Minimizing Risks When Handling Client Cases and Business Issues in Latin America
Author: Peter A. Baumgaertner

Peter Baumgaertner, co-head of the Latin America practice, wrote a chapter, "Minimizing Risks When Handling Client Cases and Business Issues in Latin America," in ‘Corporate Law Client Strategies in Latin America’, a book published as part of the ‘Inside The Minds’ series, published by Thomson Reuters Westlaw’s Aspatore Books’ imprint in April 2015. The Inside the Minds series offers thought leadership and expert analysis on a topic, providing a future-oriented perspective and proven strategies for success. It was conceived to give a first-hand look into the leading minds of top business executives and lawyers worldwide, presenting an unprecedented collection of views on various industries and professions.

Bylined Article
March 2015
Are You Covered for a Superstorm?
Insurance Issues For Catastrophic Flooding and Wind
Authors: Robert L. Wallan, Robert A. James

A version of this article originally appeared in Surviving the Storm, March 2015, a Bay Area Council publication.

Superstorm Sandy provides a useful but sobering preview of the types of insurance and risk management issues that business and residents face given the prospects of a catastrophic storm. The 2012 storm began life as a hurricane and was still potent when it made landfall in a very populated area; Sandy caused $68 billion of damage. Similar storms can occur on most seacoasts worldwide, whether from single hurricanes, from tsunamis, or simply from unrelenting heavy weather patterns that overwhelm levees and other existing protections.

Bylined Article
Coverage for Actions in Response to Governmental Investigations and Prosecutions
Source: American Bar Association
Authors: Joseph D. Jean, Danielle Vrabie

This article was originally published by the American Bar Association on October 3, 2014.

Governmental investigations of businesses are on the rise. In 2013 alone, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recovered $3.8 billion in settlements and judgments under the False Claims Act (FCA)—the second largest recovery in history.

Hon. Greg Laughlin Discusses Pillsbury’s Crisis Management Team
Author: The Honorable Gregory H. Laughlin

Senior Counsel Greg Laughlin describes the capabilities and experience of Pillsbury’s Crisis Management Team. Having dealt with crises in both the private sector and in government regulatory roles, our lawyers are equipped to move quickly in mobilizing the firm's global resources to guide clients experiencing crises of any type. They can also help an organization set up contingency plans in advance, to be deployed in the event of a crisis.

Elizabeth Moeller Discusses Crisis Strategy Planning in Government Investigations
Author: Elizabeth Vella Moeller

Public Policy partner Elizabeth Moeller addresses the recent rise in the frequency and intensity of investigations by government entities at all levels. When clients turn to Pillsbury amid an official probe, our lawyers draw on their knowledge of investigative processes and players to provide guided and strategic counsel during what is often a trying time. They know how to act decisively -- but not recklessly -- in dealing with the authorities.

Crisis Management: Emergency Response
Crucial Counseling in the Early Hours of a Crisis
Author: Thomas A. Campbell

Decisions made in the first 48 hours of an emergency can have impacts that resound for years - and can make the difference between a minor disruption and a major calamity. Pillsbury's Emergency Response Team draw on a deep well of high-level experience to help clients take rapid action to mitigate the impacts of health, safety, environmental or other critical incidents and the immediate legal issues that arise from them.

Oil, Gas, and Hazardous Liquid Pipelines Face Many New Safety Requirements
Authors: Joseph R. Herbster

On January 3, President Obama signed into law the Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act of 2011 (a title strongly influenced by current political issues). This act, sponsored as H.R. 2845 by Representative Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), brings sweeping changes to the nation’s pipeline safety law, imposing a variety of new design, construction, testing, operation, maintenance, and emergency response requirements for the nation’s 2.3 million miles of pipelines for natural gas, petroleum, and hazardous liquids.

2011 Crisis Management Survey
A new survey conducted by Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman's Crisis Management Team and Levick Strategic Communications found that though 60 percent of survey respondents said their companies have a crisis plan in place, just 29 percent felt very confident their organization would respond effectively if a crisis occurred. Another 56 percent said they felt somewhat confident.

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