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Pillsbury Sponsored

2013 Proxy Conference

Pillsbury invites you to join Jim Masetti, Heidi Mayon, Sarah Good and Brian Wong on February 19th, at the 2013 Proxy Conference.

This conference will discuss all the hot topics of this year’s proxy season, including the state of the say-on-pay vote, what to do if you get a no vote and how to protect yourself in the first place, the trends in SEC rulemaking for 2013 and what to expect, corporate governance updates to this year’s proxy, majority voting, equity proposals and more. The event will be comprised of three sessions that include the following:

Session 1: Managing Your Say-on-Pay Vote
Topic covered include:

  • What to do if you receive a no vote recommendation on your say-on-pay
  • When to hire a proxy solicitor? How can a proxy solicitor help?
  • Considerations in crafting your 2014 compensation

Jim Masetti, Partner, will serve as the Moderator.

Session 2: Looking Forward: SEC Actions Expected in 2013

Heidi Mayon, Counsel, will serve as a speaker.

Session 3: Rethinking Your Standard Proxy Disclosure
Topics covered include:

  • Emerging disclosure practices: executive summaries, institutional investor red -flags and new stock exchange compensation committee independence standards.
  • Emerging litigation trends: the latest on say-on-pay and proxy statement disclosure lawsuits, with up-to-date trends in plaintiff tactics, protective disclosure practices and institutional shareholder involvement.
  • Thinking outside the proxy statement: practicing direct and effective shareholder engagement, identifying the right spokespeople, engaging with institutional investor services and communicating with shareholders outside the proxy statement.

Sarah Good, Partner, will serve as a panelist and Brian Wong, Partner, will serve as the Moderator.

Date & Time
8:30 am -12:00 pm PT

Hotel Sofitel
223 Twin Dolphin Drive
Redwood City, CA 94065

Event Contact
Jessica Slater


James J. Masetti

Sarah A. Good

Brian M. Wong


Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury