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    Internet & Social Media


    Social media technologies and platforms continue to mature exponentially, creating a seismic shift in online social and commercial activity. The Pillsbury Internet & Social Media team helps existing companies better integrate the “old ways” of doing things with the new, while helping newer companies—many of which would not exist without the Internet—navigate complex issues made even more so by a constantly evolving legal landscape.

    Some of the ways in which we serve clients include:

    • Preparing terms of service for social media applications, online services and mobile applications
    • Preparing employee social media policies
    • Drafting corporate social media policies
    • Providing advice on advertising and representations made online and in social media
    • Counseling on the legal limits of geo-tracking and location-based services software
    • Safeguarding trademarks across social media platforms
    • Advising on IP issues related to social media platforms
    • Navigating discovery across social media platforms
    • Advising service providers on requests to reveal identifying information for anonymous content posters
    • Avoiding liability for the unauthorized posting of copyrighted works on social media platforms and other Internet sites
    • Taking advantage of the Safe Harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and The Communications Decency Act
    • Litigating false advertising, product defect, copyright, trademark, Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Unfair Competition, libel, defamation, and state law commercial speech claims

    Our Internet & Social Media practice involves advising on the traditional legal questions raised by new technologies, informed by an in-depth understanding of and experience in addressing the business, legal and technology issues unique to social media, such as:

    • Developing and implementing comprehensive IP protection strategies
    • Acquiring and selling patent portfolios
    • Enforcing IP rights
    • Assisting with venture capital and private equity funding
    • Handling mergers and acquisitions
    • Addressing corporate, tax and employment law issues
    • Shaping business models based on legal and regulatory factors to minimize legal risk

    Our capability to provide comprehensive, proactive advice on these cutting-edge issues results in part from our lawyers’ commitment to be involved in and stay abreast of rapidly evolving business, legal and technical trends. Through this investment, our team obtains valuable knowledge and insights that enable us to provide significant strategic advice and resources to clients, well beyond just “doing legal work.” To learn more, check out our blog, follow us on Twitter, and join the conversation.

    Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury