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IT Outsourcing

"Pillsbury knows the industry very well, which is one of the reasons we chose them."
- Chambers USA

Pillsbury Global Sourcing advises clients on everything from focused point solutions to multi-billion dollar global transformation programs. We use proven tools and processes to help organizations articulate strategic and operational needs, design and advise on transactions that meet short- and long-term goals, and assist in establishing clients' retained organizations including the supplier management function and governance processes.

While our clients operate in a range of industries—from aerospace and telecommunications to banking and retail—our more than two decades of experience have taught us several key principles that apply to every IT outsourcing transaction:

  • Aligning Values and Goals. We focus on the client's strategic goals, desired delivery model and future-state operational requirements to ensure the best solutions are offered by the right industry-leading suppliers. Finding the right solution and supplier for each client is critical to achieving long-term relationship success.
  • Clarifying Service Level Agreements. Overly complex Service Level Agreements often result in too much focus on measures and metrics and not enough on client satisfaction. We help clients identify the key metrics and qualities that define a successful deal and yet allow for the natural evolution of the supplier relationship.
  • Optimal Allocation of Risk. We help our clients assess operational, regulatory and business risks to determine the desired risk allocation between the client and supplier. Our depth of negotiation experience with all the major suppliers allows us to achieve the risk allocation that a client needs and should be able to obtain from a supplier. And, conversely, we can help a client avoid wasting time when a client's demands are radically outside the market.
  • Keeping Pricing Simple. We encourage pricing models and algorithms that properly align operational and financial risks, objectives and incentives, and that maintain these throughout the term of the relationship.

By leveraging our deep knowledge and experience, and focusing on the client's goals and objectives, Pillsbury Global Sourcing helps companies turn the universe of potential IT outsourcing solutions into an optimized portfolio of carefully designed and well-executed outsourcing relationships.
Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury