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Press Release

PILLSBURY GLOBAL SOURCING LAUNCHES SOURCING DEAL TOOL KIT APP FOR THE IPHONE App provides data and resources to help sourcing deal makers negotiate and manage contracts with service providers, from cloud computing to business process outsourcing

June 18, 2012
New York—Pillsbury Global Sourcing today announced the launch of its iPhone app, Sourcing Deal Tool Kit, now available for free in the App Store. Sourcing Deal Tool Kit helps deal makers calculate performance metrics and costs in IT and business process outsourcing contracts, right from their iPhone, during crucial contract negotiations and routine service management. The app's key features include tools for measuring whether downtime levels in a contract could substantially harm a business, comparing providers' performance against promised service levels and monitoring cost of living changes in different countries where service providers have operations.

"We designed Sourcing Deal Tool Kit as a fast, reliable way to crunch performance and cost numbers at the negotiating table with service providers," said Joseph E. Nash, a Washington, DC consulting principal with Pillsbury Global Sourcing, who led development of the app and shared it for beta testing with Pillsbury clients and leading service providers. "Translating contract terms into business and performance metrics historically requires a lot of offline legwork, but now customers and providers can quickly turn to their iPhones for reliable calculations instead, which can save time and further empower decision makers by keeping them well informed."

Sourcing Deal Tool Kit's key features include:
  • Downtime Calculator: Computes the amount of service downtime possible for a given availability percentage – in month, quarter or year format – helping deal makers weigh business impact and risk tolerance.
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Calculator: Tracks COLA increases over time in different countries, which affect service providers' charges and may be subject to caps.
  • Credit Calculator: Using the industry standard developed by Pillsbury, calculates the amount of service credit due to customers for providers' service-level failures.
  • "Goal Seeking" Interface: Calculators utilize the iPhone's processing power to continually recalculate answers through the app's interface without having to reenter data – simply adjust the app's slider bars with your finger until the output reaches a desired value, for comparison purposes.
  • News & Reference Materials: Integrated news feed from Pillsbury's SourcingSpeak blog tracking the latest outsourcing trends, along with summary financial and service offering information for leading providers, data on leading service-delivery countries, and a glossary of common outsourcing terms.

The app also includes support for multiple currencies, including US dollars, Euros and British pounds.

By allowing buyers to quickly assess different offerings from multiple providers, Sourcing Deal Tool Kit is particularly useful for comparing service options in emerging fields such as cloud computing, where offerings vary widely and are far less commoditized. Deal makers and service providers can refer to the app simultaneously, in the same context, for trusted calculations on eliminating gaps in service levels, business requirements and contract terms, which can help close a deal faster for mutual benefit.

Among the most experienced buyer-side advisory firms in the world, Pillsbury Global Sourcing has architected more than 750 strategic outsourcing and technology transactions worth more than half a trillion dollars. Multinationals, mid-sized companies and startups across a range of industries rely on Pillsbury Global Sourcing for cost-effective advice and proven results.

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Pillsbury is a full-service law firm with a keen industry focus on energy & natural resources, financial services, real estate & construction, and technology. Based in the world's major financial, technology and energy centers, Pillsbury counsels clients on global regulatory, litigation and corporate matters. We work in multidisciplinary teams that allow us to anticipate trends and bring a 360-degree perspective to complex business and legal issues—helping clients to take greater advantage of new opportunities and better mitigate risk. This collaborative work style helps produce the results our clients seek.

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