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Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury
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    Outsourcing, Technology & Insolvency Solutions


    “Their turnaround time is extraordinary and they will do whatever it takes to meet our needs."

    "I really appreciate that the lawyers have a business perspective on what we're trying to do here."
    - Chambers USA

    IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing; systems integration; software licensing; technology transfer, distribution and co-marketing; joint venture; strategic alliance; consulting services—what happens when one or more parties to any of these agreements succumbs to a financial crisis?

    Pillsbury’s Outsourcing, Technology & Insolvency Solutions team is composed of members of the firm’s internationally recognized Global Sourcing and Insolvency & Restructuring practices. We take an integrated approach to tackling the issues our clients face in managing their outsourcing, information technology, and other strategic agreements in an environment of bankruptcy and insolvency that is changing the landscape of the marketplace in real-time.

    Our team focuses on:

    • Advising on and developing strategies relating to the design of new transactions, anticipating risks and crafting solutions to mitigate insolvency risks before they arise
    • Assisting our clients in mitigating the risk associated with possible assignment of the outsourcing or technology agreement in bankruptcy cases
    • Providing guidance to suppliers in assessing their planning options pre-bankruptcy and navigating the hazards of contract assumption and assignment
    • Assisting debtors (both customers and suppliers) in managing creditors, devising a plan of reorganization, and successfully emerging from bankruptcy as a viable business

    We explore these issues within the context of today’s economic volatility. The team’s combined capabilities provide a single source of knowledge and experience to help clients achieve efficient, cost-effective resolutions to complex issues. Our sourcing and insolvency lawyers bring together all the business, technical, financial and legal skills and experience necessary to address even the most complex and complicated sourcing and technology agreements. We have a distinct understanding of the importance of sourcing and technology agreements in our clients’ businesses, the implications of bankruptcy proceedings on these long-term relationships, and the executory contracts by which they are implemented.

    Our attorneys represent clients across a broad range of industries, including banks and financial institutions, software and hardware suppliers, consulting service providers, secured and unsecured creditors, debtors and borrowers, and official and unofficial creditors’ committees and other interested parties.

    Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury