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Publications & Presentations

We encourage you to peruse this Publications & Presentations section for timely analysis and industry insights, including bylined articles, client alerts, white papers, practice and industry newsletters, audio and video broadcasts, featuring interviews with our lawyers, as well as case studies highlighting compelling legal challenges our clients have faced.

Also, please visit our Events page to learn more about upcoming seminars, CLE programs, and other presentations which may be of interest.

Recent Publications

June 2015
FCC Enforcement Monitor
Authors: Scott R. Flick, Jessica T. Nyman, Lori Panosyan*
  • Educational FM Licensee Receives $8,000 Fine for Unauthorized Operation
  • FCC Cancels $6,000 Fine for Late Filings due to Licensee’s Inability to Pay
  • Blaming Prior Legal Counsel, Telecommunications Provider Pays $2,000,000 Civil Penalty

June 2015
Annual EEO Public File Report Deadline for Stations in California, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin
Authors: Lauren Lynch Flick, Scott R. Flick

This Broadcast Station Advisory is directed to radio and television stations in California, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin, and highlights the upcoming deadlines for compliance with the FCC’s EEO Rule.

EPA Aircraft GHG Emissions Regulations Take Flight
Agency Announces Endangerment Finding for Aircraft Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Plans to Issue New Standards by 2018
Authors: Matthew W. Morrison, Amanda G. Halter, Darin J. Smith, Bryan M. Stockton

After tackling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from passenger vehicles and power plants, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on June 10 announced its latest regulatory initiative—a GHG emissions standard for aircraft. EPA’s announcement comprised two related parts: 1) a long-expected endangerment finding for aviation engine GHG emissions; and 2) an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) describing the process for setting international aircraft GHG emissions standards. While EPA’s announcement has significant impact for aircraft manufacturers, airline companies, and corporate purchasers of aircraft, a final standard is not expected until at least 2018.

Uber Hits a Speed Bump in California: Labor Commissioner Rules Driver is an Employee
Authors: Paula M. Weber, Erica N. Turcios

In a decision that may signal a more stringent application of the test for determining independent contractor status and pose a threat to Uber’s business model and the larger sharing economy, the California Labor Commissioner ruled in Uber Techs., Inc. v. Berwick, Labor Comm’n Case No. 11-46739 EK (June 3, 2015), Super. Ct. Case No. CGC-15-546378, that an Uber driver is an employee of Uber, not an independent contractor.

DOL Invites Comments on Requirement That Bidders Disclose Employment Law Violations
Author: Julia E. Judish

President Obama’s Executive Order 13673, called the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Order, uses the prospect of gaining or losing an edge in winning government contracts to provide a powerful incentive for employers to comply with a broad range of employment laws. On May 28, 2015, the Department of Labor (DOL) published a Proposed Guidance on implementation of the Order and invited the public to submit comments by July 27, 2015. Because aspects of the proposed guidance create compliance burdens for government contractors and could unfairly place some government contractors at a disadvantage in the procurement process, the contractor community would be prudent to submit comments that may lead to changes in the final guidance.

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