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Social Media & Games


Upcoming Events

Pillsbury Participating
“Technotainment” 2014: Distributing Content Across Multiple Platforms
PLI California Center
Pillsbury Attorneys, Cydney Tune and Bobby Ghajar will be speaking at the upcoming "Technotainment" 2014: Distributing Content Across Multiple Platforms Seminar California.

Past Events

Pillsbury Sponsored
7/14/2014 - 7/16/2014
Global iGaming Summit and Expo: Totally Gaming
Hyatt Regency Hotel

James Gatto, Pillsbury partner, will be participating in the Global iGaming Summit and Expo (GiGse) July 14 – 16, 2014 in San Francisco, California.

Pillsbury Participating
2014 IP and the Internet Conference
The Luxe Hotel-Sunset Blvd
Benjamin Esplin, Pillsbury partner, will present on the topic of "Legal Issues Associated with Augmented Reality," on Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 2:05 pm.
Pillsbury Sponsored
5/7/2014 - 5/8/2014
NeuroGaming 2014 Conference & Expo
City View at Metreon (4th Floor)
Jim Gatto, Pillsbury partner, will moderate a panel discussion entitled "The Interface Evolves - Sensory Gaming Platforms" on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 10:30 am.
The Real Issues with Virtual Currency

Join members of Pillsbury’s leading Virtual Currency practice to understand and analyze some of the key legal and business issues related to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. This presentation will highlight the history of Bitcoin and other digital currencies and associated unique business models. We will also address the latest developments in digital currency regulation and enforcement.

Pillsbury Participating
Inside Bitcoins
Javits Convention Center
James Gatto, Pillsbury partner, will serve as a panelist during the "New Ideas in Bitcoin" session on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 9:30 am.

Deborah Thoren-Peden, Pillsbury partner, will participate in the "Emerging Issues in Digital Currency Regulation and Enforcement," panel discussion on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 10:45 am.
Pillsbury Sponsored
Blurry Lines: Virtual Currency
Pillsbury’s San Francisco office

All types of businesses are leveraging new and emerging business models around virtual currencies and virtual goods. While these trends present significant business opportunities, companies need to address various legal issues to safely and profitably capitalize on these opportunities.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Blurry Lines: Gamblification
Pillsbury’s San Francisco office

The intersection of social games and gaming is moving forward at a torrid pace. Yet, there are many blurred lines with respect to the legal boundaries for permissible game mechanics in social games and online gambling offerings. The use of virtual goods and virtual currency further complicates the analysis. Additionally, some companies are pushing the envelope with various forms of prediction markets and online sweepstakes/contest-based business models. Florida recently adopted new rules to close some perceived loopholes. Will this prompt other states to act as well?

Pillsbury Participating
11/5/2013 - 11/7/2013
The Game Developers Conference Next 2013
Los Angeles Convention Center

Social Media & Games team members, Benjamin Esplin, Sean Kane and Ian Schick will be attending The Game Developers Conference (GDC) Next 2013 in Los Angeles, CA. This conference is a brand new developer event focusing on creating the game experiences of the future, including how we will play games, on what we will play them, and how we will monetize, distribute, market, and share them--we're bringing together the creators of tomorrow's biggest and most innovative video games for this event and getting them to present their best practices to you.

Pillsbury Participating
The Mobile Health Track
Moscone Center

Pillsbury partner Gerry Hinkley, will headline GMIC, Silicon Valley’s Largest Mobile Conference & Expo.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Blurry Lines: Mobile Applications and Games
Pillsbury’s San Francisco office

Register Now!

The mobile applications and games market is exploding. However, more companies are running into legal issues and regulatory enforcements. As companies find unique and creative ways to use the mobile device, it is critically important to understand key legal and regulatory issues.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Perchance to Dream: A China-US Summit on Social Media
The City Club of San Francisco

Thomas M. Shoesmith of Pillsbury's Corporate & Securities team, is serving as Executive Co-Chair during the conference titled "Perchance to Dream: A China-US Summit on Social Media" on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at The City Club of San Francisco.

Pillsbury Sponsored
A China-US Forum on Digital Media Regulation & Business Development: Strategic and Legal Approaches for Success
The City Club
Deborah Thoren-Peden, Pillsbury partner, will participate in a panel discussion entitled "Payment & Virtual Currency Regulation: Legitimate Business Practice?" during the China-US Forum on Digital Media Regulation & Business Development on Wednesday, October 16th at 10:45 am.
Pillsbury Participating
Gamer Technology Law Conference

Pillsbury's, James Gatto and Riaz Karamali, are on the faculty of this year's Annual Seattle Gamer Technology Law Conference.

Pillsbury Participating
Technology and Entertainment Convergence 2013: Hot Business and Legal Issues in "Technotainment"
PLI California Center
Pillsbury Attorneys, Cydney A. Tune and James G. Gatto will be speaking at the upcoming Technology and Entertainment Convergence 2013 Seminar in California.
Pillsbury Participating
2013 China Best Ideas Investment Conference
Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

Thomas M. Shoesmith of Pillsbury's Corporate & Securities team, will be presenting "Can the VIE Be Fixed: A Fresh Look at Investors' Least Favorite Legal Structure" on Monday, September 9th during the 2013 China Best Ideas Investment Conference.

Pillsbury Participating
The Power of Angel Investing
The George Washington University

James G. Gatto, Pillsbury intellectual property partner, will participate in a panel discussion titled "Discussion of Due Diligence" on Thursday, July 11 presented during The Power of Angel Investing Seminar.

Pillsbury Sponsored
gsummitX - Gamification in Washington, DC
Pillsbury’s DC Office

James Gatto, Pillsbury partner and leader of the Social Media & Games practice, will be speaking on the topic of legal issues relating to gamification during the gsummitX event on June 5 in Washington, DC.

Pillsbury Sponsored
5/1/2013 - 5/3/2013
2013 World Technology Law Conference & Annual Meeting
The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
Pillsbury invites you to join James Gatto and Jenna Karadbil at the 2013 World Technology Law Conference & Annual Meeting on May 1-3, 2013.
Pillsbury Sponsored
5/1/2013 - 5/2/2013
NeuroGaming 2013 Conference & Expo
YetiZen Game Innovation Lab

Pillsbury invites you to join us on May 1-2, at the NeuroGaming 2013 Conference & Expo.

Pillsbury Sponsored
4/24/2013 - 4/25/2013
Social Casino Summit
The Westin, San Francisco

Pillsbury's Jim Gatto will be presenting a session titled, "Clarifying the blurred legal boundaries between various forms of social, virtual currency, prediction, sweeptstakes and other forms of gaming – what you can and can't do" at the Social Casino Summit, on April 25, 2013 at 3:30 PT.

Pillsbury Participating
Casino Gaming – Rigging the Mobile Game Deck
YetiZen Innovation Lab

With the mobile gaming industry growing at a rapid pace since 2009, it is predicted the industry will reach $82 billion by 2017!

Join Pillsbury Partner, James Gatto, along with other gaming experts as they share their experiences and knowledge of this exciting market. You will learn what to expect of casino gaming, in addition to discovering new insights that might help you as well.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Social Media Week - DC
Pillsbury's DC office

Join us for DC’s Social Media Week! We will be bringing together industry experts to talk about the increased usage of Social Media Contests, Sweepstakes and Promotions. The social media slant to these long-used tools creates new legal issues that must be understood and addressed. Our panel will discuss some of the most important issues and trends relating to social media contests, sweepstakes and promotions. Our second presentation will cover the important components of a Social Media Audit and why every company needs one.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Game On!
Social Media Contests, Sweepstakes and Promotions
Pillsbury’s New York Office

Pillsbury invites you to join colleagues James Gatto and Sean Kane, on February 20th at the Game On event.

Pillsbury Participating
Games Summit at 2013 International CES
Las Vegas Convention Center

James Gatto will be participating in a roundtable discussion at the upcoming 2nd Annual Games Summit at 2013 International CES on January 10, 2013.

Pillsbury Participating
App Conference
Hilton San Jose
James G. Gatto, Pillsbury partner, will serve as a panelist during the “Going Global” session on Thursday, October 18 at 1:00pm.
Pillsbury Participating
10/9/2012 - 10/11/2012
The Game Developers Conference Online (GDC Online) 2012
Austin Convention Center

Social Media & Games team members, Benjamin Esplin and Bradford C. Blaise will be attending The Game Developers Conference Online (GDC Online) in Austin, TX. This conference will meet for three days as a source of educational, networking, and business opportunities for game development professionals. This event will focus on connected games including casual, MMOs, virtual worlds, and social networking games.

Pillsbury Participating
American Conference Institute's Emerging Payment Systems
Washington Marriott
Pillsbury partner Deborah Thoren-Peden will present "The Mobile and Other Innovative Payments Landscape: With Social, Financial, Marketing, & Communication Technologies Blurring, How to Evaluate the New and Evolving Products and Services, the Emerging Trends and Their Impact on the Payments Industry" at the American Conference Institute's 4th National Practical, Legal, and Compliance Forum on Balancing Innovation with Consumer Protection in Emerging Payment Systems on September 27, 2012.
Pillsbury Participating
Technology and Entertainment Convergence 2012: Hot Business and Legal Issues in "Technotainment"
PLI California Center
This year's program is completely revised to include today's major legal and business issues in the convergence of entertainment and technology. The program brings together a faculty of experienced in-house lawyers, law firm attorneys, and senior business executives on the cutting edge of this burgeoning practice. The expert faculty explores distribution of digital content to Apps; advertising and privacy issues in social media; social and mobile games' legal and business issues; union and guild issues for content on the internet and mobile devices; social media issues for employers; and recent key cases involving convergence issues.
Pillsbury Participating
Technology and Entertainment Convergence 2012: Hot Business and Legal Issues in "Technotainment"
New York
PLi New York Center
Please join Pillsbury's Cydney Tune as she provides the program overview and Pillsbury's Christine Kearns as she speaks on "Social Media – Legal Implications for Hiring and Managing Employees."
Pillsbury Participating
Cashing In: Overview of Recent Legal and Privacy Issues with Mobile Payments
Video Conference
Pillsbury partner Deborah Thoren-Peden will present "Cashing In: Overview of Recent Legal and Privacy Issues with Mobile Payments" at the Financial Institutions Committee Meeting, Business Law Section, State Bar of California on July 10.
Overview of Legal and Privacy Issues with Mobile Payments: Cashing In
The convergence of the social, mobile and payment industries has created incredible business growth opportunities for retailers, banking institutions, payment networks, social media companies and many start-ups - all hoping to cash in. While these trends present significant business opportunities, companies need to be aware of the various legal, privacy and regulatory issues that must be considered. This session will provide an overview of some of the most important legal issues and developments that need to be considered when entering this space.
Pillsbury Sponsored
2012 AAMA Connect Series: Social Media Conference - Harnessing the Power of Social Networks for Growth
One Ferry Plaza
Tom Thomas, head of Pillsbury's Venture Capital practice group, will moderate a panel on investment trends in social media at Asia America Multitechnology Association's Social Media Conference, Harnessing the Power of Social Networks, on Friday, June 8 at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco. This conference will discuss how social media is shaping our businesses and culture.
Pillsbury Participating
5/8/2012 - 5/9/2012
Augmented Reality Event
Santa Clara Convention Center
ARE is where the people working on and using Augmented Reality technologies come together to explore best practices and innovations in software development, tools, business strategies, design and marketing. Developers, technologists, marketers, hardware manufacturers, mobile operators, researchers, designers, startups, business developers, and entrepreneurs gather to share their experiences and learn from their peers.
Pillsbury Sponsored
Digital Kids Conference
Pasadena Convention Center

Now in our 6th year, Digital Kids Conference 2012 takes place April 25-26, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. at the Pasadena Convention Center. Digital Kids is the largest gathering of professionals engaged in building online and mobile products and services for kids. The show features 70+ speakers in 5 conference tracks including: Safety, Content, Operations, Business and Market Research.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Global iGaming Summit and Expo
The Westin San Francisco Market Street
The 11th Global iGaming Summit & Expo (GiGse) brought together senior executives and decision-makers to discuss how to take advantage of the emerging North American iGaming market and to network and create strategic partnerships for exchange of expertise and quickest way to market possible.
Pillsbury Sponsored
4/11/2012 - 4/12/2012
Social Mobile Payments Conference & Exhibition
World Center Marriott Resort
The Social Mobile Payments | Conference and Exhibition will explore the forces that are changing the way today’s consumers interact, live and shop in Generation-M.
Pillsbury Sponsored
Game Changers - Strategic Acquisitions of Game Companies
Pillsbury's San Francisco office
Join us as we host a discussion with prominent industry players from Electronic Arts, Zynga, Lightspeed Venture Partners and KlickNation (acquired by EA in 2011) to discuss all aspects of the process surrounding video game company acquisitions. Topics will include how deals are sourced in the video game space, how to decide whether or not to sell, how to shop your company and how to negotiate deal value and other key terms. Panelists come from both sides of the table to provide insights as to how deals work from the perspective of the strategic buyer and the founder/VC investor.
Pillsbury Sponsored
Emerging Tech SIG: Gadget Night with former Wired founder Fred Davis
Pillsbury's Silicon Valley office

The Holidays are coming. Award winning tech journalist Fred Davis will again this year present "Gadget Night". Fred is a fabulous speaker and well known entrepreneur and journalist. He will show us some of the latest tech gadgets, and will add his insights into the significant trends in consumer and business technology.

Pillsbury Participating
Understanding the Intellectual Property License 2011
PLI California Center

Licensing offers valuable economic and strategic opportunities. Companies are increasingly turning to licensing to gain access to intellectual property at a lower cost than developing or purchasing intellectual property assets, and as a way of generating new sources of revenue out of existing intellectual property assets. Virtually every business today must confront licensing issues. A solid base of knowledge about licensing of intellectual property has never been more important for companies and their counsel.

Cydney A. Tune will discuss some of the issues and opportunities centered around Copyright Licensing, including the rationale for licensing, the fundamentals of a copyright license, key provisions and practical considerations, and creative commons licenses.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Social Gaming and Virtual Goods World 2011
Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
Social Gaming & Virtual Goods World will bring together social game developers and global brands with social networking platforms, virtual currency platforms, social advertising platforms and social gaming technology to understand how to create, distribute, monetise, and gamify social games.
Pillsbury Sponsored
10/26/2011 - 10/27/2011
App Conference and Hackathon
Santa Clara Convention Center
App Conference and Hackathon – October 26-27, 2011 in Santa Clara – addresses key components of App development, marketing and revenue.
Not Just Fun and Games - The Legal and Privacy Implications of Virtual Currency

With the increasing popularity of social media and multi-player online games, all types of businesses are leveraging the many emerging business models associated with virtual currencies and the virtual goods that can be purchased with this currency.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Digital Media SIG (in partnership with SVForum): Adding Digital Content to the Physical World
Pillsbury's Silicon Valley office
Mobile augmented reality (AR) promises to bring a wealth of digital content to one's fingertips via smartphones and tablets. Generally displayed with the device's current camera view, this information is overlayed onto a view of the surrounding space, augmenting the reality you see. The approach of several new mobile AR firms is to provide platforms on which businesses and individuals can add their own animations or location-specific content which is then located and viewed in a browser-like display. Daquri is composed of a group of vision scientists, engineers, 3D artists and designers who are changing the world through these advanced visual interfaces. The platform is composed of a drag-and-drop interface used to develop custom AR content, as well as accompanying quick response (QR) codes, games, contests, and tracking tools. Learn about the potential uses of augmented reality for games, campaigns, coupons, prizes, contests, and social networking connections that are headed our way in the coming years.
Pillsbury Sponsored
10/20/2011 - 10/21/2011
SOCIALIZE West - Monetizing Social Media
Mission Bay Conference Center
Following the overwhelming success of the inaugural event in New York, Socialize West unites business leaders in gaming, virtual goods, mobile, marketing, and media for two days of learning, connecting, and sharing about all things social. Attendees come to Socialize for the real-world insight that our unique blend of industry heavyweights, business visionaries and results-oriented practitioners bring to the table.  Through two days of comprehensive sessions, focused discussion and diverse perspectives, you'll learn how all the social media pieces fit together to create a unified business strategy.
Pillsbury Participating
The American Bar Association Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries - Annual Meeting
Grand Hyatt New York
Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other new media, are delivering content from TV, motion pictures, sports, music, books and other traditional entertainment sectors to consumers. Use of the Cloud to deliver entertainment content to consumers is also being offered by services such as iCloud for music and Amazon Prime for movies. At the same time, mobile devices and other new gadgets have exploded as platforms for content delivery. This panel, moderated by Cydney A. Tune, will discuss some of the issues and opportunities created by this new distribution environment, including emerging business models, rights issues and licensing strategies.
Pillsbury Participating
10/10/2011 - 10/13/2011
The Game Developers Conference® Online 2011
Austin Convention Center
The Game Developers Conference® Online (GDC Online) returns to Austin, TX for four days to serve as the community meeting point and source of learning, networking and inspiration for developers and business professionals in the sphere of connected gaming. You'll find nearly 150 lectures, 8 specialized summits and tutorials, over 200 speakers, a bustling expo floor and numerous networking and social events to ensure that you stay current in today's marketplace of online, cloud and connected gaming.
Pillsbury Participating
Gamer Technology Law Conference
Washington State Convention Center

This conference will feature leading attorneys and innovative business leaders who will discuss important new trends and cutting-edge business and legal issues in the interactive entertainment space, including the continuing expansion of digital distribution and the future of consoles; how companies can make user data more secure; recent developments in mobile and handheld device gaming; new cutting-edge business models such as transmedia projects and gamification of websites and much more.

Pillsbury Sponsored
9/28/2011 - 9/29/2011
Digital East
Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner, Virginia

Join hundreds of digital executives, senior marketers, entrepreneurs, web strategists, bloggers, and investors at the Second Annual Digital East for expert content on opportunities and trends created by the latest in web innovation. Hear from dozens of industry thought leaders and innovators on topics such as Social Media, Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, Big Data, Search, Online Advertising, Ecommerce, Email and much more!

Pillsbury Sponsored
NY Games Conference
Museum of Jewish Heritage

Some of the most influential decision-makers in the digital media industry gather at the NY Games Conference to network, do deals, and share ideas about the future of games and connected entertainment. NY Games Conference – now in its 3rd year – features lively debate on timely cutting-edge business topics. Executives from publishers, developers, advertising, investment firms, social networks, technology providers and content companies mingle at this top industry event.

Pillsbury Participating
Technology and Entertainment Convergence 2011: Hot Business and Legal Issues in "Technotainment"
San Francisco, CA
PLI California Center

PLI has completely revised this year's program to include today's major legal and business issues in the convergence of entertainment and technology.  The program brings together a faculty of experienced in-house lawyers, law firm attorneys and senior business executives on the cutting edge of this burgeoning practice.

Pillsbury Participating
Prepare for Takeoff: Building a Social Media Policy
Hotel Kabuki

Social media policy and the way your company communicates with its online guests are critical to the success of your business. Equally critical is being able to clearly recognize and plan for the layers of opportunity and risk inherent in social media policy and relations. Catherine Meyer will serve as a panelist and discuss what types of digital assets can be created within employee and evangelist groups, while protecting valuable brand and corporate assets that may have regulatory, legal, or compliance issues affecting revenue, human resources or investor relations.

Pillsbury Participating
The Security Standard: Securing the Enterprise from a Dangerous Cyberworld
Marriott Brooklyn Bridge

The Security Standard: Securing the Enterprise from a Dangerous Cyberworld will address the daunting challenges that today's information security executives face, such as new advanced persistent threats, rapidly emerging consumer devices, continued cloud adoption and getting your arms around governance, risk management and compliance.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Gamification Summit NYC
The Museum of Jewish Heritage

Gamification Summit NYC is the must-attend event that shows you how to use the power of games to create breakthrough engagement with your customers and employees. Companies like Gilt Groupe, Google, Microsoft, NBC/Universal, MTV, Recyclebank and Aetna have leveraged gamification to transform their businesses, and will share startling insights, statistics and hands-on workshops at this event.

James Gatto, leader of Pillsbury's Social Media & Games team, will be speaking from 1:30 - 2:15 PM on September 15 about gamification law and formulas for success.

Pillsbury Participating
Technology and Entertainment Convergence 2011: Hot Business and Legal Issues in "Technotainment"
New York, NY
PLI New York Center
PLI has completely revised this year's program to include today's major legal and business issues in the convergence of entertainment and technology.  The program brings together a faculty of experienced in-house lawyers, law firm attorneys and senior business executives on the cutting edge of this burgeoning practice.
Pillsbury Sponsored
Digital Media SIG
Pillsbury's Silicon Valley office

From 2005 to 2010, online video grew at the phenomenal rate of 910%, compared to 114% growth for the internet overall, and 0% for television. Today, 60% of all web traffic is online video. It is clear that video is fast becoming a preferred means of expression. Some enablers of this movement include: the availability of devices that allow video capture such as cameras, tablets, and mobile phones and the proliferation of social networks and video-sharing sites. What hasn't been effectively conquered is the ability for people to shape their stories via easy-to-use and cost effective editing tools. In fact, most videos online are still in their original, raw, and unedited form. Video editing tools to date have been the domain of experts and required more powerful computing resources. is focused on changing this. The company provides a cloud-based platform for video editing, collaboration, and sharing. By taking the video experience to the cloud, Creaza is bringing down barriers of cost and complexity and enabling anyone with a story to tell it using video. The differences include a focus on control in the creative process, versus the simple mashup, and uniquely enabling co-creation or social video editing. Whether you are telling a personal story, sharing personal moments, a professional storyteller, or using video to convey stories about your company, Creaza is determined to inspire you to tell that story using video. Attendees at this session will be invited to join the closed beta program with a special promo code. Join us to learn about the latest tools that will enable millions-and soon billions of users to broadcast their own stories worldwide.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Women In Law Empowerment Forum: Social Media as Business Development Tool for Women Lawyers
Pillsbury's Silicon Valley office

The way we make and develop business relationships has changed rapidly in the past several years. No longer is it "who you know". Now it is "who knows about you".

Online and Mobile Marketing Webinar

As technologies continue to evolve for tracking the behavior and personal data of, as well as facilitating marketing to, consumers online and via mobile devices, state legislatures and regulators in the U.S. and Europe have been augmenting the current standards in these areas with more legislation and regulation.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Game Developer's Workshop – Return of the Evening of Networking and Mischief 2011
Pillsbury's San Francisco Office
Come out and meet with the best game developers, producers, and studio heads. Our previous events have seen guests from companies such as Zynga, Booyah, YetiZen, EA, Playdom, Rock You, iWin, Kabam, and MANY more!!!
Top Social Media Legal Issues

Leveraging social media technologies and applications is critical to the success of any marketing campaign, consumer outreach program or research plan.

Social Media & Location-based Services: New Privacy Risks

As social media, including location-based services, becomes increasingly popular and a part of everyday business, corporations face a host of new privacy risks and concerns from virtually all sides: clients, employees and government regulators. The key to success is staying on top of these laws and emerging trends. To discuss these new risks, join Pillsbury for a webinar on social networking and location-based services as we take a closer look at:

  • An overview of the current social media and location-based services landscape;
  • Current privacy laws and their implications for the development and use of social medial and location-based marketing services;
  • Security laws being considered by Congress and their implications for social media and location-based marketing services; and
  • The use of social media by employers and the threats to personal and workplace privacy arising from the use of social media and location-based services
Pillsbury Participating
GameSoundCon 2010
Pyramind Studios

GameSoundCon 2010 is for composers, sound designers, audio engineers and others who want to learn what it takes to work in the video game music and sound industry. Pillsbury Counsel, Cydney Tune, will be presenting on the following topic: The Business of Game Audio: The video games industry is software development, a long way from the entertainment business.  This roundtable features experts in the field of game & entertainment law, performance rights, as well as game composers and sound designers discussing everything from quoting on a game to how the video game industry views composers, rights and music and making the transition from film/TV to the world of games.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Social Gaming 101: The ABCs of Social Gaming
Pillsbury’s Silicon Valley office

Join Pillsbury for an evening with social game entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and legal analysts. This event will cover a number of recent trends and changes in social gaming business models. We will also discuss the current venture climate, what VCs are looking for in a social gaming company and ways to position emerging companies for investment. Finally, we will discuss the key legal issues associated with this emerging industry and review the key intellectual property due diligence factors that are critical to current and future financing.

Pillsbury Participating
4/15/2010 - 4/16/2010
Information Technology Law Institute 2010: Opportunities in Cloud Computing, Blogs, Brand Protection and Targeted Marketing
PLI California Center
In an era of economic recovery, technology will provide exciting avenues for business growth and development. New technology will provide a competitive advantage to innovators who understand the potential business opportunities. Some of these cutting edge opportunities include mobile financial transactions, mobile entertainment, cloud computing, behavioral marketing and intellectual property monetization. This is a program for those who must keep up with the latest advances in technology and how they may affect your clients and your practice. Pillsbury attorney Cydney Tune will be speaking at the event. Ms. Tune will be discussing Issues in Mobile Transactions; Special business issues for technology transactions: Tips for maximizing value; Critical issues and strategies in licensing; Trademark and copyright related licensing transactions; Data protection in the mobile environment; and Special issues for international information technology licensing transactions.
Pillsbury Sponsored
Virtual Worlds SIG: Metaio Augmented Reality
Pillsbury’s Silicon Valley office

Metaio designs, develops and markets solutions that allow virtual 3D information to be superimposed seamlessly into the real environment in real-time. This is the company behind the most innovative and successful augmented reality (AR) integrations in marketing, point of purchase product information, and manufacturing. Their clients include Siemens, Audi, BMW, Mini, Bosch, GM, Daimler, Toyota, VW, Lego, Adidas, Earthmine, Popular Science, and has partnered with 6 or more research projects in the space.

Pillsbury Sponsored
Engage! Expo
Ten-Minute Success Stories
Jacob K Javits Convention Center
James Gatto will be speaking at the Engage! Expo on February 16, 2010. Mr. Gatto will be presenting in the "Ten-Minute Success Stories" session. The session will address which virtual worlds models are providing the biggest return on investment and how companies are preparing for future growth.
Pillsbury Participating
Kids Online: Balance and Safety and Fun #2
West Bay Conference Center
The Kids Online: Balance and Safety and Fun "unconference" will focus on a number of key topics including: The Globalization of Safety; Children Using Adult Spaces; Identity Tech Tools 101; Identity Management for Kids; Legal Issues Now & Beyond – Coppa/Task Force; Next Steps for This Kids OnLine Community; Filtering + Moderation/guidelines & chat filter best practices; and Economics of Moderation.
Pillsbury Sponsored
Engage! Expo
San Jose Convention Center
James Gatto and Benjamin Duranske will be speaking at the Engage! Expo on September 24th. Mr. Gatto will be participating on the "Patent Update: Understand Today's Issues and Prepare for What's Ahead" panel and Mr. Duranske will be participating on the ­­­­­­­­­"Best Practices in a Worst Case Scenario: How to React Intelligently to a Security Breach" panel. Mr. Duranske is also on the Advisory Board for the conference.
Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury