Pillsbury Insurance Recovery and Advisory partner, Richard Giller, was featured on the June 10, 2020 edition of the Trustees and Presidents — Opportunities and Challenges with Intercollegiate Athletics Podcast, discussing “Liability and Lawsuits: What to Know in the COVID-19 Era.” 

“The reopening of sports both professionally and collegiately presents some interesting legal issues, insurance issues and issues that other businesses are also facing,” Giller explained. “So, the question that arises is, how do you open the academic portion and sports portion of the college experience while still protecting universities and colleges from liability?”

“The overriding factor here is, there will be lawsuits, no matter what a college or university does, they are going to get sued for some COVID related claims and issues,” Giller added. “As a backdrop, you need to understand how best to try and minimize the exposure, being sued is one thing, having to pay settlements, claims or judgements is something different all together.”

“If you come up with a guideline or set of plans that are consistent with the CDC guidelines or federal, state and local health regulations, and you follow those as much as humanly possible, you will minimize the risk of liability for the claims that are sure to come,” he concluded.

Listen to the full episode here.