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    Robert B. Burlingame

    Robert B. Burlingame
    Special Counsel

    T: +1.415.983.1274 F: +1.415.983.1200
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    As the New gTLDs Near Launch, What's Happening and How Can You Protect Yourself?
    This alert was originally published in Law360 on October 21, 2013.
    Authors: Robert B. Burlingame, Bobby Ghajar
    While much of the world is finally getting a handle on the .com, .net and .org domains, we are on the brink of an explosion of hundreds of new generic top-level domains (“gTLDs”). In fact, if things go as planned, we will soon grow from the 22 current gTLDs to nearly 2,000 gTLDs. See
    Caution: Tribal Names Not a Free-For-All
    Authors: Blaine I. Green, Robert B. Burlingame, Jeffrey Jacobi
    The Navajo Nation's recent lawsuit reminds companies that unauthorized use of American Indian tribal names might be considered infringement and might also violate the federal Indian Arts & Crafts Act.
    Carded at the Virtual Door: Distilled Spirits Face New Digital Marketing Guidelines
    Authors: Robert B. Burlingame
    On September 30, 2011, a new set of digital marketing guidelines went into effect for distilled spirits companies in the United States and Europe.
    Protect Your Trademarks From .XXX Infringers—Reserve Marks Before Oct. 28
    Author: Robert B. Burlingame
    After more than a decade of heated debate, the .xxx Top Level Domain (i.e., domain names ending in .xxx rather than .com) is about to launch, and a critical “sunrise period” for trademark owners opened today, September 7.
    Holy Mackerel Salmon! Rare Trademark Dilution Win
    Author: Robert B. Burlingame
    For the first time in years, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) on June 11 issued a precedential decision sustaining an opposition based on a likelihood of trademark dilution. The decision (see gives owners of well-known marks renewed hope of halting the unauthorized registration of similar marks without having to establish a likelihood of confusion. This rare outcome also illustrates the critical role that evidence—such as a well-designed consumer survey— plays in trademark dilution claims.
    Act Now to Protect Your Trademarks in the EU
    Authors: Robert B. Burlingame
    Have you considered protecting your trademarks (e.g., brands, logos, slogans) in Europe?  Given impending changes to the required official fees, now is the time.
    Buyer and Seller Beware: Intellectual Property Issues When Buying or Selling a Winery or Vineyard
    Source: CEB California Wine Law Forum 2007
    Author: Robert B. Burlingame
    Trademarks on the Internet - Fair Play or Fair Game?
    Authors: Robert B. Burlingame, Joseph Tiffany
    When it comes to use of trademarks on the Internet, it’s all about fairness – fairness to the trademark owner, to the consumer, to competitors, and to purveyors of Internet searching and other services.
    Attacking Trademarks Under the Madrid Protocol
    Source: Mondaq
    Author: Robert B. Burlingame
    New Rules on Trademarks Cast Wide Net
    Source: The Recorder
    Author: Robert B. Burlingame
    The Balanced Portfolio: Changes to Trademark Portfolio Administration given U.S. Accession to the Madrid Protocol
    Source: Thomson & Thomson on CD-ROM
    Author: Robert B. Burlingame
    Protocol Simplifies Registration Process in Foreign Countries
    Source: Daily Journal, San Francisco and Los Angeles
    Author: Robert B. Burlingame

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