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Pillsbury leverages world-class technology to deliver superior client service. We invest heavily in the foundational technology and front-end tools that allow our lawyers to better serve our clients, and to do so from anywhere in the world, at any hour of the day.

Legal Project Management. With formalized Legal Project Management, our firm captures up front all of the elements needed to achieve success as defined by the client. Our systems enable organized and secure sharing of documents, appropriate assignment of required tasks, and regular communication on matter status and budgets.

Knowledge Management. Our law firm’s knowledge management program ensures optimal efficiency and security. We have invested in state-of-the-art search capabilities and sophisticated document assembly tools. In addition, our relationship and experience data systems enable our attorneys to build the strongest teams for all matters and introduce our clients to relevant contacts we have outside the firm.

Client Extranets. Pillsbury offers client extranets that are safe, secure virtual document repositories. Authorized individuals will have secure access utilizing end-to-end encryption with two-factor authentication.  Our client extranet capabilities range from easy-to-use document-sharing sites to robust sites capable of complex searches and reports, with unique features such as patent and trademark tracking, docket-sharing, private auctions, environmental facility auditing, transactional due diligence and litigation management.

Practice Support Capabilities. We are one of a few firms able to immediately store, process and search more than 10 terabytes of electronic evidence. Pillsbury’s substantial litigation technology and discovery management tools are administered by a team dedicated to supporting litigation activity.

Remote Access Services. All IT systems are available 24/7 via on-site and remote secure connections and a 24/7 IT Help Desk. We maintain highly secure central information systems with immense storage. Attorneys carry fully encrypted smart phones that can be wiped remotely if a device is lost.

Communications and Efficiencies. Facilitating frequent and meaningful communication with our clients is a cornerstone of our Superior Client Service Program. We use video, Microsoft Lync, voice and web conferencing services. And we use the latest digital scanning, annotation, signature and routing tools.

Software and Systems. Among the many programs used by Pillsbury are Cisco VPN, Tumbleweed Messaging Management, Exchange TLS and PKI, NetDocs, Lotus Domino and SharePoint extranets, FTP, Aderant Time & Billing, Citrix, Recommind Axcelerate, Mindseye Discovery Manager, Clearwell, Concordance, InProtech, Compulaw, LegalKey, eProsper, Corporate Focus, Equity Edge, InterAction, LiveNote, CaseMap, TreeAge and Trial Director.

Security. Pillsbury’s IT team has paved the way in setting standards for security. Our protocols already include baseline defenses—full encryption of all devices, locking-down remote access software, Windows firewalls on all PCs, and vulnerability scanning of web-based applications. In several areas Pillsbury implemented standards and technologies well in advance of their widespread adoption, such as NSA-caliber firewalls, server virtualization, and encryption on all desktops and laptops.

Continuity in the Event of a Disaster. Information on all client matters is maintained in Pillsbury data centers on the East and West coasts of the U.S. and in Europe. Each of these centers replicates documents and electronic mail continuously to the others to facilitate business continuity, disaster recovery, maintenance failover, and load balancing needs. All the firm's critical applications have been structured to run from any center. The firm can run its entire operation from a single data center if required.

With these three data centers, firm personnel can also continue working from any location via Citrix remote access even if they are unable to connect to their local data center. Pillsbury performs full and incremental back-ups of production servers daily.

Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury