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Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury
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    Crisis Management


    Thomas A. Campbell

    When you are dealing with an isolated crisis or a large-scale disaster, Pillsbury can help your company survive, and even thrive, amid crisis. Our experience is vast and includes notable engagements such as aviation and transportation disasters, environmental and industrial accidents, product recalls, privacy breaches, whistleblower cases, project finance failure, construction/collapse accidents, labor and employment issues, nuclear accidents, federal investigations and testimony, and FCPA claims. Drawing on deep experience across multiple industries, our lawyers provide a comprehensive perspective on crisis management. We have helped organizations handle investigations while managing potential reputational damage, information flow and media coverage. Pillsbury is also a leader in crisis planning and prevention, providing our clients with services to ensure state-of-the-art standards with respect to safety, preparedness and insurance coverage.

    The Pillsbury Advantage – Depth, Breadth and Process
    We have helped clients respond to investigations, stave off class-action suits, reinstitute project financing, negotiate effective settlements with regulators, lawmakers and private parties, avert reputational damage, secure insurance recoveries, draft crisis protocols and safety procedures, and reach cleanup and containment agreements.

    Unrivaled Experience

    • Pillsbury has guided clients through such notable crises as the Deepwater Horizon and Exxon-Valdez spills, the Big Blue crane collapse, the Three Mile Island accident and numerous aviation accidents around the world.
    • Pillsbury has assisted clients in numerous criminal investigations in antitrust, securities and FCPA violations and related civil actions.
    • The disaster-planning program Pillsbury developed for the City of New York has been recommended for all local and state governments by President Obama’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council.
    • Our lawyers have handled more Natural Resources Damages Assessments than any other law firm.

    The Pillsbury Process

    • Pillsbury lawyers have seen recognizable patterns emerge after shepherding hundreds of clients through crises and, as a result, we have developed battle-tested strategies and tactics.
    • Pillsbury recognizes that there are two major components to most crisis management efforts – Emergency Response and Loss Management.  The key to successful crisis management is skilled execution of complimentary strategies for both of these components.

    Deep Knowledge in Key Industries and with Multiple Government Agencies

    • Nearly 100 Pillsbury lawyers have held leadership positions at federal regulatory agencies, including the Interior, Justice and Commerce departments, EPA, FAA, NOAA and the NRC.
    • Pillsbury’s reach in Congress is both bipartisan and bicameral.  Our team advises on national security, military, transportation, energy, judiciary and environmental issues.
    • Pillsbury’s experience spans the entire energy spectrum, from oil and gas to electricity to nuclear energy. Our internationally renowned Aviation, Aerospace & Transportation practice has litigated virtually every type of claim or dispute that an aviation company might face, including civil, administrative and criminal claims relating to air crashes.
    • We craft strategic responses to both civil and criminal investigations and negotiate with federal, state and local officials. Other law firms cannot match our combination of legal and regulatory depth, sector-specific experience and geographic reach.
    • Our attorneys have the insight and years of experience in working with and for federal licensing and compliance authorities such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency to help prepare for and, if one occurs, manage a crisis situation.

    Our Crisis Management Capabilities

    A Preeminent Environmental/Industrial Practice
    We are adept at handling simultaneous reviews by multiple regulatory agencies and have shaped clients’ responses to investigations by the FBI, EPA, NTSB, OSHA, the NRC, the Chemical Safety Board and other regulatory agencies.

    Corporate Investigations and White Collar Defense Practice
    Our Corporate Investigations and White Collar Defense practice is recognized as among the best in the U.S. and includes many lawyers who were former Assistant U.S. Attorneys, and lawyers who worked for the U.S. Department of Justice. When an FBI agent knocks on the door with a subpoena, our lawyers experienced in dealing with the Justice Department are ready to assist clients with an immediate internal investigation and a plan on how to deal with the government.

    Global Pharma
    At Pillsbury, we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team whose members possess an unsurpassed breadth and depth of understanding about the unique challenges and obstacles faced in the pharmaceutical industry. From initial R&D to product launch, from patent application to defense and litigation, top practitioners from many of our key practice areas work together to provide clients with the guidance they need in areas of  intellectual property, crisis management, regulatory, corporate, litigation and others.

    We have worked with clients to secure governmental funding and approval for manufacturing existing drug products and/or developing new and improved vaccines or therapeutics.  We also address issues such as liability protection, insurance, and product quality agreements.

    Nationally Recognized Construction Practice
    Pillsbury has advised clients in the immediate aftermath of a wide range of construction accidents, both during construction and post completion. We have extensive experience in force majeure events, such as hurricanes and floods.

    Handled Significant Industrial Disasters
    Our lawyers have worked on some of the most significant industrial disasters in the United States, including the two worst refinery accidents in the past 20 years.

    World-Leading Practice in Privacy and Data Issues
    Recognized by the 2010 Chambers Global Guide as one of the world’s foremost privacy and information law practices, Pillsbury helps clients develop, implement and refine effective privacy and information breach response policies and procedures.

    The Leader in Nuclear Industry Representation
    Pillsbury established the nation’s first nuclear energy practice and remains the preeminent law firm in this arena. In crisis management, the firm represented the owner and operator of Three Mile Island during and after the 1979 accident.

    Legal Advisors on More Than 100 Oil Spills
    Pillsbury has advised clients on more than 100 oil spills, including the 2010 Gulf oil spill, Exxon Valdez spill, Berman spill in Puerto Rico, Arco pipeline spill in Indiana and the Snyder oil field case in Texas involving the Chevron Pipe Line Company in a federal Clean Water Act case.

    A Top-Ranked International Trade Practice
    Our team includes former U.S. trade officials and regularly works with Congress and agencies such as the Commerce Department, Customs and Border Protection, and the Committee on Foreign Investment. We also advise on FCPA issues.

    A Market-Leading Aviation & Transportation Team
    For the fifth year in a row, the 2010 Chambers USA recognized Pillsbury’s Aviation, Aerospace & Transportation practice in the top tier. We have represented multiple clients in FAA, TSA, NTSB and FBI investigations, enforcement actions and criminal prosecutions after airline crashes and acts of sabotage.

    Preventive Services for Biohazard and Biomedical Violations
    Pillsbury counsels management, lab personnel and investigators on safety and compliance conditions at university and commercial labs and research facilities. When labs and facilities face investigations or audits, we advise on how to handle CDC site visits and negotiate with the CDC on any findings of violations and corrective actions.

    Broad Experience with Toxic Torts and Product Recalls
    Pillsbury represents clients in product liability and toxic tort cases, applying well-honed trial, appellate, arbitration and mediation skills. We have advised on issues involving the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, the Food Quality Protection Act, the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the Plant Protection Act, and related state and federal laws.

    Crisis Response Services

    Crisis Management
    Our multidisciplinary crisis management response team optimizes the company’s outcomes by strategically managing the full suite of potential liabilities that flow from a crisis event. Pillsbury can dramatically shorten a company’s response time in the days immediately following a crisis event and help the company manage – and in many instances avoid – long-term business and reputational liabilities.

    Pillsbury can mobilize a high-powered litigation team quickly, drawing on the talents of more than 200 litigators worldwide who counsel clients on civil, administrative and criminal matters across a range of complex multiplaintiff cases and appeals.

    Insurance Recovery
    Pillsbury’s insurance recovery efforts date back to the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906, when we helped secure insurance reimbursement for local businesses. Our experience has shown that in many crisis situations, one key to a successful financial recovery is insurance. Pillsbury represents policyholders only. Pillsbury does not represent property/casualty, D&O or other carriers who policies may be implicated by catastrophic occurrence or other crisis situations. Few major law firms are in this true conflict-free position.

    At Pillsbury, we have the multi-disciplinary teams equipped with the judgment, experience and sophistication needed to manage financial crises on all fronts, ranging from their impact on the company’s stock price to their potential for shareholder class actions to their effect on access to the capital markets.

    Public Policy
    When clients confront crises, they look to Pillsbury for integrated strategies to deal with Congressional, federal and state agency investigations. Our lawyer-lobbyists represent clients on a wide range of high-profile Congressional and federal agency investigations. Our team members promote our clients’ interests by proactively shaping legislation, regulations and government policies.

    Crisis Communications and Public Relations
    When a crisis occurs, it can impact every aspect of an organization, from investor and customer relations to brand loyalty and employee morale. Pillsbury has partnered with three leading crisis communications agencies, chosen specifically for their strong background advising on crisis issues, 24/7 accessibility, experience working collaboratively with legal counsel and proven success at managing all aspects of an organization’s reputation.

    Crisis Planning and Prevention Services

    • D&O Plus Policy Advocacy Program
    • Disaster Preparedness Planning
    • Industry Working Groups and Audit Services

    Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury