Pillsbury's Legal Blogs & Resource Centers

Pillsbury’s Legal Blogs provide quick information and insight on legal and business developments in specific industries, drawing on the knowledge and experience of leading lawyers who have focused on these industries for years.


The CommLaw Center covers the political, economic and regulatory environment for media companies, program networks, station owners and numerous other players in the communications industry. With timely analysis of the industry's business pressures, strategies and legal issues, Pillsbury's CommLaw Center attorneys provide valuable alerts and insights to help businesses better manage their operations, engage policymakers and update strategic plans.

Global Trade & Sanctions Law

Global Trade & Sanctions Blog provides news and insights on issues related to international trade and sanctions activity. Topics include export controls and embargoes; regulation of foreign investment; customs compliance and enforcement; FCPA compliance; the interpretation of international trade agreements and litigation or settlement of trade disputes; and trade remedy proceedings. Contributors possess a sophisticated knowledge of the countless ways trade concerns affect industries.


Gravel2Gavel is a comprehensive blog covering a wide range of business and legal issues affecting the construction industry, real estate industry and related sectors such as real estate and infrastructure development. Gravel2Gavel covers trends in the construction economy, public-private partnerships, insurance and liability news, notes on landmark projects and the impact of key court cases.

Internet & Social Media Law Blog

The Internet & Social Media Law Blog addresses legal issues surrounding the latest technological developments and social media trends. Blog contributors help companies establish and maintain an online presence, optimize business opportunities, overcome hurdles and mitigate risk.

PFAS Observer

Pillsbury’s PFAS Observer tracks and provides insights on the latest developments surrounding regulation and litigation involving per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

PolicyHolder Pulse

The Policyholder Pulse provides news and insights on all issues related to insurance recovery law and is focused solely on policyholders. Contributors are members of Pillsbury’s award-winning Insurance Recovery & Advisory practice, honored by Law360 as “Insurance Group of the Year” for 2015 and 2016.

SeeSALT Law Blog

The Pillsbury State and Local Tax group provides a multistate perspective on the complex U.S. state and local tax system. Our experience advising and representing clients on income, franchise, sales, use, excise and property tax allows us to see and anticipate the developments and trends in the constantly evolving SALT landscape.


Pillsbury’s Global Sourcing practice advises buyers on all aspects of outsourcing and complex technology acquisitions. We have architected and negotiated deals worth over a half-a-trillion dollars on behalf of Fortune 500 clients. Blog content taps the insight of our people based in London, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Investment Fund Law Blog

Pillsbury’s Investment Fund Law Blog provides updates and insights on legal issues for fund managers, investment advisers and investment companies seeking information and analysis about the Dodd-Frank Act, SEC registration and examinations, alternative investments, due diligence, disclosure, Form ADV, derivatives and other issues. The blog also links to SEC rules and reviews, government statues and current news articles.


Global pandemics. Substantial shifts in the political landscape. Catastrophic weather events. When regulatory or legislative consequences pass beyond the initial splash and ripple to become a sea change, no industry is left unaffected. Pillsbury Resource Centers gather the knowledge of our lawyers on these substantial shifts in the status quo into one easy-to-access destination.

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  • American Infrastructure Investment Resource Center
    Pillsbury is closely monitoring developments regarding the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, offering timely updates on the politics and policies surrounding it and the emerging opportunities it presents across sectors.
  •  Insurance Recovery & Advisory Resource Center
    Hurricanes. Wildfires. Winter storms. No business is immune from the potentially devastating immediate and long-term consequences that accompany catastrophic natural events. Pillsbury’s nationally recognized team of insurance recovery lawyers has a long history of helping commercial enterprises and institutions recover from the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.
  • Crisis Management Resource Center
    Every business faces the possibility of a crisis—whether it's insider trading, a data breach or a major accident. To land on your feet, you need to plan up front and be prepared to react swiftly and with confidence. Pillsbury’s resource center lays out best practices in both prevention and response for a wide range of crisis types.
  • Pillsbury’s Regulatory Playbook
    Here you'll find gathered news and insights on the regulatory trends that are driving markets and shaping businesses. Pillsbury’s market-leading regulatory group illuminates critical developments at the intersection of law and policy. If you need to know what’s happening, why it’s happening and how to respond, consult the Playbook.