James Glasgow draws on vast, high-level experience to advise a global client base on legal issues related to nuclear energy.

Jim has more than 40 years of Federal government and private sector experience on a wide variety of regulatory, contractual and international trade aspects of licensing, constructing and operating nuclear power plants and facilities for mining, converting, enriching and fabricating uranium into nuclear fuel. He counsels clients in the U.S. and abroad on national and international regulation of nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cycle facilities. He also advises clients on liability issues that can arise in nuclear operations.

Representative Experience

Helps clients maintain compliance with the import/export licensing requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Department of Commerce and the Department of Energy rules regarding U.S. assistance to foreign atomic energy programs.

Counsels clients on bilateral agreements for cooperation concerning peaceful uses of nuclear energy, International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards agreements, laws and international agreements concerning nuclear liability and other agreements and rules that govern the international supply of components, services and fuel for nuclear power stations.

Worked in legal offices of DOJ, NRC and DOE between 1970 and 1981, winning awards for litigation efforts and work on implementing non-proliferation agreements.

Professional Highlights

Has testified on trade issues before the Science and Technology Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs’ Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade.

Has presented papers and served as chairman of sessions and panels at conferences sponsored by numerous organizations, including the World Nuclear Association, the Nuclear Energy Institute, the American Nuclear Society, the U.S. India Business Council and the Uranium Institute.

Recognized by the WM Symposium Inc. with the WM Symposia Fellow Award for distinguished contribution to the advancement of radioactive waste and radioactive material management.

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  • Honors & Awards
    • Capital Pro Bono High Honor Roll (2018)

  • Associations
    • International Nuclear Law Association
    • Middle East Institute
    • Former Chairman, United States Council for Energy Awareness, Nuclear Fuel Supply Committee, Task Force on Trade and Fuel Supply
    • Former Chairman and President, nonprofit WM Symposia Inc.
  • External Publications and Presentations
    • Commentary Regarding the Role of the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage as Part of a Modern Nuclear Liability Regime in India and Elsewhere, 5th Annual USIBC-NEI Commercial Nuclear Mission to India, December 2009
    • “U.S. Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations Regarding Export of Nuclear Material, Components and Technical Data.” Practising Law Institute Course Handbook, Coping with U.S. Export Controls 2009.
    • “Nonproliferation Aspects of Spent Fuel Storage and Disposition,” Nuclear Waste Management Organization, December 2003
    • Procedures that are Applicable to Congress’ Review of a New U.S.-Euratom Agreement for Cooperation Concerning Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, International Nuclear Nonproliferation Alliance, May 1995
    • Update of U.S. Nuclear Cooperation Agreements and Outcome of the Fourth NPT Review Conference, Nuclear Fuel Market Quarterly, October 1990
    • Legislative, Executive Branch, Regulatory and Judicial Developments in the USA Affecting Trade in Uranium, Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium of the Uranium Institute, London, July 1988
    • Public Utility Commission Review of Nuclear Fuel Procurement: An Examination of Applicable Law and Present Practice, McGraw-Hill Nuclear Publications’ Seventh Annual Conference, May 1988
  • Speaking Engagements
    • “Overcoming Regulatory and Nuclear Liability Obstacles to International Safety Cooperation and Emergency Assistance,” 36th Annual World Nuclear Association Symposium, London, September 16, 2011
    • “Nuclear Regulation in North America after Fukushima Daiichi,” ABA 2011 Annual Meeting, Toronto, August 6, 2011
    • “The Changing Nuclear Global Outlook: New Agreements for Cooperation,” Pillsbury-NEI’s 2nd Annual Export Controls for the Nuclear Renaissance: Hot Button Issues and New Developments, Washington, D.C., November 18, 2010
    • “International Trade, Export Controls, and SMRs,” Platts Small Modular Reactors Conference, Washington, D.C., June 29, 2010
    • “Import/Export of Fuel and Fuel Technology,” NEI International Uranium Fuel Seminar, Savannah, Georgia, October 20, 2010
    • “Controlling the Trade in E= mc2: Export Controls at the Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission,” Coping with U.S. Export Controls 2009 Practising Law Institute Annual Seminar, Washington, D.C., December 7, 2009
    • “The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory System,” EUCI Nuclear Power Symposium Europe, Aix en Provence, September 15, 2009
    • “Trust, An Innovative Nuclear Fuel Leasing Arrangement,” Nuclear Energy Institute—World Nuclear Association, International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference, Budapest, April 2007
    • “Developments in the International Nuclear Liability Regime that will Improve Nuclear Liability Coverage Concerning the Transportation and Use of Nuclear Material,” Nuclear Energy Institute—World Nuclear Association, World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference, Hong Kong, April 2006
    • “Nuclear Fuel Leasing: An Exploration of New Legal Mechanisms,” Nuclear Energy Institute, International Uranium Fuel Seminar, Asheville, N.C., October 2002
    • “Opportunities for International Nuclear Commerce: Trade Under U.S. Agreements for Cooperation and the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement,” Nuclear Energy Institute International Uranium Fuel Seminar, Austin, Texas, October 1996
    • “Liability and Regulatory Considerations,” Privatization Workshop on National Procurement of Private-Sector Treatment For U.S. Department of Energy Mixed Low-Level Wastes, Baltimore, November 30, 1995
    • “International Nuclear Commerce: A Commentary on the Role of U.S. Agreements for Cooperation,” Nuclear Energy Institute International Uranium Fuel Seminar, Keystone, Colo., September 1994
    • “Navigating the Nuclear Trade Winds: Charting a Course for the 1990s,” Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference, Scottsdale, Ariz., March 1991
    • “Shopping for SWU and LEU,” U.S. Council for Energy Awareness, International Uranium Enrichment Seminar, Monterey, Calif., 1985


  • J.D., University of Arizona College of Law, 1969

    B.A., University of Arizona, 1966


  • District of Columbia


  • Law clerk to the (late) Hon. Richard Harvey Chambers, chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit