On AI x Bio day, a number of researchers, health systems, founders and unicorn CEOs will present their work, including some investors and observers. Specifically, those attending will be investors and founders interested in the power of AI to transform every stage of development, from ideation to R&D, trial recruitment and management, data coordination and insights, regulatory, diagnostics and precision to digital therapeutics, clinical settings and self-help. Venture representatives include Amol Sarva (Life X Ventures) Arieli Capital, Dusan Perovic (Two Sigma), Dov Shamir (Mount Sinai), Cliff Friedman (Northwell), Alleycorp and New York-Presbyterian.

In addition, small and large players who will be represented include Powerful Medical (AI for interpreting ECGs), Exerai (modernizing assessment and treatment of human motion), NoomOchre.bio, Zocdoc, Oscar Health, Cityblock Health, Tempus, Cambrian Bio, BioAge Labs, Sandbox AQ, CoreWeave, and research groups from Columbia, Harvard and Einstein.

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LifeX Ventures