In an article in Envirotec, Pillsbury London-based Finance counsel Victoria Judd considers the sustainability credentials of biomass and what bodes for its future.

"In the aftermath of BREXIT and in view of COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021, the UK has been focusing on decarburization in relation to its infrastructure and power offerings. Multiple initiatives have been launched: the UK Infrastructure Bank has been set up to prioritize investment in projects that tackle climate change, there are efforts to accelerate green finance, and green energy continues to receive subsidies to encourage construction and production of more renewable power. This renewed energy and focus on the energy transition is good news to ensure we continue to move towards the UK’s net zero targets. However, the UK currently relies on biomass energy generation to transition from burning fossil fuels, and new understanding around bioenergy has cast a very different light on this powerhouse of the energy transition. With the Government having promised a £4 million investment into biomass in March 2021, will this energy source remain an important part of the UK’s energy mix?"

Read Victoria's full take in Envirotec here.