Bloomberg BNA has just published the Fourth Edition of the PTAB Handbook, an all-inclusive guide providing detailed analyses of Patent Trial and Appeal Board procedure, helping IP practitioners navigate the complex and ever-changing rules and procedures governing the agency’s patent review process. Pillsbury IP partner William Atkins, who serves as Editor-in-Chief, continues his work with a team of researchers, reviewing the thousands of PTAB decisions and sharing ongoing, comprehensive analysis since the PTAB was created in 2012 as a streamlined alternative to slower, more expensive federal court patent litigation.

Since the First Edition, The PTAB Handbook has developed a devoted readership, nearly doubling in size to more than 750 pages due to the growing body of case law, changes in regulations and procedure at the PTAB, and recent U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions. The Fourth Edition arms both new and experienced practitioners with an indispensable reference and strategic guide for navigating this dynamic landscape. It can even be found in the chambers of Federal Circuit judges.

The PTAB has overseen more than 9,200 petitions and rendered thousands of decisions since its inception. Atkins’ book continues the careful review and analysis of the ongoing tsunami of decisions issuing from the PTAB and uses them to thoughtfully describe how and why the Board applies its rules and makes its decisions.

The new edition of The PTAB Handbook is available for purchase from Bloomberg BNA now.