Pillsbury Energy partner Jeffrey Merrifield was featured in the U.S. Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC) and Nuclear Energy TV’s online series ‘Advanced Nuclear Energy Spotlight,’ a new monthly internet TV series featuring nuclear industry professionals discussing advanced nuclear energy technologies. 

In addition to Merrifield, the first program in the series titled ‘New Technologies for Advanced Reactors’ features interviews with GE Hitachi’s Jay Wileman, GAIN’s Christine King, Sean Hagen of Hagen Global Consulting, LLC, Bud Albright of USNIC and Peter Wolf of Nuclear Energy TV. Watch the full episode here.

The goal for the new ‘Advanced Nuclear Energy Spotlight’ series is to provide a forum for thought leaders to engage in dialogue about the latest trends in the industry on a regular basis, to facilitate communication across the advanced nuclear technology spectrum and emphasize the crucial role of advanced nuclear power in our decarbonizing world.