The Biden administration's vow to use federal funds to achieve climate change goals is a vast potential advantage for clean energy companies trying to establish a market for their technologies.

Federal clean energy procurement is a key component of President Biden's January executive order outlining plans to tackle climate change, which include electrifying federal vehicle fleets and climate-proofing government buildings and making them more energy-efficient.

The GSA, which also manages several federal facilities, said it is aiming to have the government's real estate portfolio entirely powered by renewable energy by 2025, the proposed end of Biden's first term. It’s part of a plan to eliminate fossil fuel use in new and significantly modified federal facilities and hit net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in all facilities by 2030, the agency said.

"The trend I'm interested in is: How is GSA going to manage its real estate investments and clean energy as part of its mission?" said Elizabeth Moeller, who leads Pillsbury’s Public Policy practice. "And what about energy-efficient technologies ... that will produce cost savings and also meet our goals?"

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