As the transactional practice has evolved over the past four decades, Pillsbury's former corporate partner, now senior counsel Nathaniel Cartmell created a blended-learning training program for seasoned merger and acquisition attorneys. Cartmell was inspired to do so because he felt that learning opportunities weren't happening as often or as consistently as they should be, particularly during the remote-working days of the pandemic.

Working with Anna Bankey and Rebecca Augustine in the firm’s Talent Development department, the Pillsbury team crafted a low-preparation, high-impact format leveraging off of the provisions surveyed in the ABA M&A Committee’s Private Target Deal Points Study.

The training program is available to any lawyer under Pillsbury’s transactional practice umbrella and offers 12 one-hour sessions. Each session addresses a distinct issue (or set of related issues) encountered in M&A agreements, focusing on definitions, drafting tips, buyer/seller perspectives and market trends

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