Arlington Capital Partners, a Washington, DC-based private equity firm, announced its investment in Octo Consulting Group, which was represented by a team of Pillsbury attorneys.

Octo has more than 13 years of experience developing mission-critical solutions for the federal government across health care, national security, civilian and defense agencies. Octo’s specialized solutions for Agile software development, UI/UX, cloud, infrastructure, blockchain, and other emerging technologies support a wide variety of missions and empower agencies to modernize their aging infrastructures.

“Octo’s continued exponential growth over the last several years gave us many lucrative acquisition alternatives. However, rather than pursue any alternatives that would exit the brand and legacy we have built, we chose to partner with Arlington, a private equity firm with a longstanding history of successful investments in the government services and technology sector,” said Mehul Sanghani, CEO of Octo. “We’ve had the unique privilege of continuing to establish Octo as one of the government market’s pre-eminent growth and next generation IT brands. Our strategic partnership with Arlington Capital not only establishes and cements the firm’s leadership team, it also provides the core capital needed to invest in human capital and technology to continue our growth. Our collective teams are well positioned to continue delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers while enhancing career opportunities for our employees. We plan to further accelerate our growth through strategic acquisitions, expanding our capabilities, and reaching new customers and markets.”

A premier provider of technology solutions, Octo empowers federal agencies to modernize faster. Octo’s combination of technical innovation and pragmatic execution unleashes new capabilities, bolsters security, and transforms service delivery. Octo specializes in scalable Agile software development, user experience design, and cloud engineering solutions to improve, modernize, and optimize government IT systems. Known for challenging the status quo and continually exploring new ways to deliver value, Octo’s superior outcomes are the result of a collaborative, analytical approach and customer partnerships. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Octo builds flexible solutions that evolve as missions change, delivering results that last.

The Pillsbury team included Craig Chason, Julie Divola, Howard Clemons, John Jensen, Ngai Zhang, Travis Mullaney, Justin Krawitz, Tom Cho, Siddhartha Narayan, Anthony Krueger and Robert Starling.