Representative Experience

  • Obtained grant of appeal in its entirety on behalf of Lockheed Martin in a $65 million appeal concerning the sale of six parcels of land containing old box-type buildings in the Silicon Valley.
  • Defended client against DCAA disallowances in several sequential years, totaling over $129 million. Supported the contractor’s rebuttals, resulting in a combined settlement of less than $600,000.
  • Defended client’s compensation system providing hazard pay to employees in Iraq and Afghanistan, resulting in zero disallowance where the DCAA had sought over $2 million in direct-cost disallowances.

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  • Represented a major design-build contractor in favorably resolving disputes over the allowability of incurred costs for 2007-2010. Cost issues include travel, executive compensation, consulting, legal, facilities, and a host of others.
  • Have frequently represented small business engineering and support contractors in disputes with DCAA/DCMA over allowability of compensation costs, consulting costs, incentive pay costs and numerous other costs.
  • Part of a team that successfully convinced DOJ to end its investigation of potential mischarging of subcontractor relocation costs in Eastern District of NY.
  • Successfully resolved DOJ investigation on basis contractor had mistakenly included an unallowable cost in its ICP. Defeated DCMA assertion of penalties on same issue at the ASBCA.
  • Successfully settled a CAS 403 noncompliance case for a major design-build contractor. DCMA claimed liability of $1.9 million and we settled for $175,000—half of the company’s last offer prior to litigation.
  • Successfully settled a DOJ investigation alleging our major design-build client mischarged per diem and other travel and relocation costs. Potential FCA damages of $16.5 million resolved for $980,000.
  • Shepherded a major aviation client through foreign ownership and supply issues related to CAS application.
  • Successfully resolved Davis-Bacon fringe rate underpayment investigation by DOL of construction client.
  • Performed multiple internal investigations relating to cost or pricing issues.