This comprehensive report explores why artificial intelligence tools are well-suited to address some of the largest gaps in existing cyber defenses, though they also introduce risks and operational challenges for enterprises to navigate.

Among other findings, “AI & Cybersecurity: Balancing Innovation, Execution & Risk,” reports data security is the No. 1 reason many professional are deploying AI and nearly half of executives in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the U.S. think it is the best tool to counter nation-state cyberattacks. That appetite is predicted to drive cybersecurity AI’s market value to US$46.3 billion by 2027.

Prepared by a team of researchers at the Economist Intelligence Unit, the report features exclusive perspectives from leading experts from the likes of Siemens, UC Berkeley, Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center, EY, Beyond Limits and MasterCard, along with Pillsbury lawyers' perspectives on the value of cyber risk ratings and the potential impact of the EU's AI Act. It's also accompanied by a one-page infographic summarizing key themes: 

Read the full report here: AI & Cybersecurity: Balancing Innovation, Execution & Risk

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