This session provides participants with a practical overview of the complexity of China’s legal environment, and the latest legal developments relevant to associations. Particular attention will be given to China’s Foreign NGO Law, and the actual impact on associations operating as foreign NGOs (FNGOs) in China since the Law took effect over 5 years ago. A very brief summary of key developments in cyber security and data protection laws in China will also be provided.

Our panelists will address questions and challenges commonly faced by both professional societies and trade associations and share case studies and the approaches taken by associations operating in China.

In addition to sharing guidance on what areas of activities may raise concerns or require transition procedures, this session also aims to equip attendees with an understanding of the legal and political context of the law, and a perspective on China’s ongoing domestic association reform.

This event is aimed at senior association executives (CEO, VP, GC or Director) of global associations with activities in Mainland China, or plans to develop such activities.

For more information and to register, please visit the event page.

Pillsbury Panelists

Additional Panelists

Steven Basart, Vice President - Asia, Kellen

June Ko, Executive Director and VP, Asia Pacific Operations, IAAPA

Cathy Breden, Executive Vice President & COO, IAEE

Kathryn Bayne, Chief Executive Officer, AAALAC International