In an article on the economic outlook for law firms in California in 2023, Law360 interviewed Christina Pearson, the global head of Pillsbury’s Corporate and Securities – Technology group.

Pearson said Pillsbury has been getting a lot of work in climate tech, which is the “perfect intersection between technology and energy,” two areas where the firm is especially strong.

“Climate tech has been growing in the last decade or so, pretty significantly. There's been a lot more interest in that space, both from traditional investors as well as new types of investors,” she said. “People are not only excited about the financial returns that it can bring, but there's also an altruistic component to it—people who want to make a difference in the world.”

“They're not doing it just for the money, but they are doing it because they want to see a change and help with the energy transition,” she continues. “Traditionally, you might just have VCs and private equity involved, but now you have a lot of corporate investing, mutual funds, new players in this area. I think people are generally very excited to be a part of the energy transition.”