Pillsbury is pleased to be a sponsor of this event, and will be presenting on the following five topics:
  • State Tax Cases, Issues and Policy Matters to Watch in 2022 and Beyond (Marc Simonetti, Zachary Atkins, Evan Hamme)
  • Market-Based Sourcing: Down the Rabbit Hole (Robert P. Merten III, Zachary Atkins, Aruna Chittiappa)
  • Hot Topics in Indirect Tax with a Focus on Healthcare (Evan Hamme, along with Kristian Gerrets, Advantous Consulting, LLC and Nicholas Ruiz, HCA Healthcare)
  • The Incredible, Ever-Expanding Sales Tax Base (Zachary Atkins, along with Rachael Averett, Advantous Consulting, LLC)
  • How to Litigate and Win Your Sales Tax Case (Robert P. Merten III, Marc Simonetti, Aruna Chittiappa)
This COST event will provide updates on significant state tax issues for these Southeast states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Day two will focus on the latest state indirect tax issues related to the health care industry.
For more information and to register, please see the event page.

Pillsbury Panelists

Additional Panelists

  • Benjamin Bright, HCA Healthcare
  • Nicholas Ruiz, HCA Healthcare
  • Rachael Averett, Advantous Consulting, LLC
  • Jason DeCuir, Advantous Consulting, LLC
  • Kristian Gerrets, Advantous Consulting, LLC