Among investment professionals, ESG has become one of the most common topics of conversation. Companies are being scored on ESG criteria, and funds are directing capital away from environmentally or socially unfriendly businesses and shifting it toward companies with more broadly acceptable business practices. In 2021, the expectation is these issues will permeate throughout the world of M&A, as well. And in no industry is this a more pressing concern than in power and utilities.

For dealmakers looking to put a painful year behind them, several questions remain when it comes to how social, governance and environmental matters can affect their dealmaking processes. Are typical due diligence processes enough to spot a target that might hamper your ESG score? What elements are crucial to include in your ESG diligence process? What examples of companies being burned by bolt-ons with ESG issues have we already seen?

In partnership with Pillsbury, which is leading the way in ESG M&A advice, The Deal seeks to provide answers to these questions and more. Join us for an exploration of the role that ESG is playing in Power and Utility M&A transactions. 


Non-Firm Speakers

Lisa Alexander, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, and Chief Sustainability Officer, Sempra Energy

Edward Manheimer, Managing Director, Power & Utility M&A, Morgan Stanley

Ronald Silvestri, Managing Director, Senior Utilities, Pipeline and Renewable Energy Analyst , Portfolio Manager, Neuberger Berman

Patrick Tucker, Managing Director, Head of M&A and Activism, Abernathy MacGregor