Pillsbury Intellectual Property partner Josh Tucker, who is also a member of Pillsbury’s AI task force, has been appointed to serve on the newly launched Advisory Committee on Artificial Intelligence and the Courts, which was recently announced by New York State Courts Chief Administrative Judge Joseph A. Zayas. The committee is charged with studying artificial intelligence’s “vast potential” toward “improving the delivery of justice.”

Although based in Austin, Texas, Tucker was nominated to participate in the New York State Courts committee due to his nationally recognized work in the AI industry, noted Pillsbury partner and Former Presiding Justice of the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division, First Department and Litigation partner Rolando Acosta.

According to coverage by Law.com, the committee will study the practical, legal and ethical implications posed by AI. The committee consists of judges, court administrators, attorneys, legislators, academics and others with a background in AI.

Most recently, the group has been tasked with examining the use of AI tools in the courts by judges, court staff and others; identifying opportunities presented by AI to improve the administration of justice in the New York State court system; minimizing the risks arising from the use of AI tools by staff and officers of the court; and developing appropriate guardrails to ensure that AI is used in the courts safely, responsibly and effectively.

Tucker helps companies protect their IP with strategic use of patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret rights, and he defends companies from the abusive use of these rights by others. He has represented five of the top 25 U.S. patent filers and specializes in software-related patent applications, including those relating to decentralized applications, enterprise software development tooling, cryptography, blockchain and artificial intelligence.