On September 19, a Pillsbury trial team led by intellectual property partners David Jakopin and Kecia Reynolds won a complete victory for semiconductor maker Sigma Designs Inc. in a case before the full U.S. International Trade Commission.

In that case, the ITC issued a final determination upholding an administrative judge's finding against Broadcom's Section 337 complaint against Sigma. Broadcom's original complaint, under Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, alleged infringement of three patents by six companies: Sigma, Vizio, LG, MediaTek, MStar, and Funai. All of the parties, except Sigma and Vizio settled.

Sigma and Vizio went to trial and were victorious before the ITC judge, who issued a finding of no violation in May. On Wednesday, the full Commission also determined that there has been no violation of Section 337 because Broadcom did not prove infringement of the three asserted patents, and it determined that the patents were invalid. The Commission further determined that Broadcom had not satisfied the domestic industry requirement for one of the patents. This ITC case involved Sigma's semiconductor chips and Vizio's consumer electronic products, such as smart televisions. The case was first brought in March 2017.

In addition to Jakopin and Reynolds, the Pillsbury team included Mike Heins, Matt Gates, Sean Weinman, Ryan Selness and Ruta Sharma