Representative Experience

  • Serve as lead counsel to Parsons Corporation in a civil FCA lawsuit filed against it and Cochise Corporation by former employee Billy Joe Hunt that was the subject of a recent Supreme Court decision.
  • Represented a large publicly traded information technology firm in a civil FCA settlement with the DOJ, and in a related Office of Inspector General investigation and a contractor disclosure, involving alleged violations of the Trade Agreements Act.
  • Represented a software company in a defective pricing contractor disclosure under a General Services Administration (GSA) schedule contract and resultant settlement with the Office of Inspector General and contracting officer.

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  • Represented a Japanese trading company in connection with federal and California qui tam FCA cases involving the sale and distribution of allegedly defective bulletproof vests to state and local law enforcement agencies funded with federal dollars.
  • Represented a defense contractor in connection with a potential criminal, civil and ultimately administrative false claims investigation concerning its sale of aerospace equipment to Department of Defense (DOD) agencies.
  • Represented a defense contractor in connection with a criminal, civil and ultimately unsuccessful effort by the Air Force to suspend and debar, based upon allegations of violations of the FCA.
  • Represented the manufacturer of the Hubble Space telescope in one of the earliest expansive uses of the FCA in an effort by the DOJ to transform contract disputes into FCA cases to gain the leverage of the threat of treble damages and the increased discovery opportunities of a Civil Investigative Demand.
  • Represented a consulting company in an investigation concerning allegations of false billings for work performed in Iraq and Afghanistan under contracts with the DOD.
  • Represented a major Fortune 100 company in connection with a criminal and civil FCA investigation relating to the company’s relationship with GSA.
  • Represented a DOD contractor in connection with an FCA investigation of allegations of violations of the federal bribery and gratuities statute.
  • Represented a major construction company in connection with allegations of false claims under the District of Columbia’s False Claims Act statute.
  • Represented a major IT company in connection with allegations that it had provided bribes and/or unlawful gratuities to DOD and DOJ officials in connection with the award of federal contracts.
  • Represented a major international transportation company against allegations brought by a whistleblower under the FCA alleging Amtrak had been sold defective environmental systems in connection with the Acela and Superliner train contracts. These claims were ultimately dismissed in a precedent-setting opinion by the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. 
  • Represented a manufacturer of office furniture in a lawsuit alleging violations of the federal FCA, as well as the corresponding False Claims Acts in California, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, New York and North Carolina. The qui tam whistleblower alleged that over a period of several years, the company sold office furniture to non-government customers at prices below those given to the GSA, without notifying the GSA that it had done so, as allegedly required by the Price Reduction and Most Favored Customer clauses in the manufacturer’s contract with the GSA. 
  • Represented a major government contractor in a qui tam FCA case involving allegations of mischarging by one of its subcontractors under DOD contracts.