In an effort to make his job as an attorney more efficient, Austin-based Intellectual Property partner Josh Tucker leveraged his engineering experience to build Winthrop, an AI tool, to save time on email responses.

Tucker developed Winthrop using a speech detection software, Whisper, and Meta Llama 3, a large language model, specifically to help respond to emails quickly.

In an interview with Texas Lawyer, Tucker said he had one goal: “I want to be able to yell at my computer and make it do what I want.”

“I wanted to figure out what it would be [like] to have really tight integration between AI and my workflow,” he said.

Tucker noted that using Winthrop saves him roughly 45 minutes a day. While he continues to “work through a few little things,” Tucker said the email replies produced by the tool are quite accurate.

“It’s usually a little bit of wordsmithing here or there, but it’s pretty good,” he concluded.

While Tucker is the only attorney at Pillsbury currently using the tool, Pillsbury’s Chief Value & Solutions Officer Jessica Gichner said, “Here at Pillsbury, we fully support the kinds of innovative things that Josh is doing. Much like our many other efforts involving AI, we’re eagerly watching as these kinds of tools develop, particularly if and when they are ready to be shared more broadly to benefit the firm and our clients.”

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In other recent news, Tucker was appointed to serve on the newly launched Advisory Committee on Artificial Intelligence and the Courts.

Tucker helps companies protect their IP with the strategic use of patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret rights, and he defends companies from the abusive use of these rights by others. He has represented five of the top 25 U.S. patent filers and specializes in software-related patent applications, including those relating to decentralized applications, enterprise software development tooling, cryptography, blockchain and artificial intelligence.