Pillsbury's new San Diego office was recently featured in the San Diego Business Journal. The office, located at 11682 El Camino Real, consolidates the firm’s downtown San Diego office, where it first opened in 1976, and its Carmel Valley office, which opened in 1998.

While initially considering relocating the new office to downtown San Diego, the firm opted for Carmel Valley to be close to clients in the life sciences, biotech and high-tech industries.

The firm decided to merge the offices during the pandemic, which in turn boosted office morale, and further solidified Pillsbury’s commitment to the market. Brandon Randolph, Pillsbury’s Director of Administration in San Diego, explained that “the firm has really not only talked about having a commitment to the market, but this space is a representative of that commitment to the market.”

 “We all wanted to be together again and that was the primary goal,” added San Diego managing partner and intellectual property litigation partner Callie Bjurstrom. Bjurstrom became the San Diego managing partner in 2023 as Pillsbury was preparing to open the new office.

Encompassing 26,152 square feet, the new office offers a full kitchen, eating and lounging area, otherwise called the office’s “town center,” a mother’s room for nursing mothers as well as a wellness room “where folks could go in to get away for a few minutes,” Randolph said.

“We were convinced, as the pandemic went along, that people liked working from home, so the office has to look a bit like home,” Randolph concluded.