The discussion will feature the following topics:

  • Potential Markets for Low-Cost Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy – Current and Future Capabilities
  • Advanced Reactors – New Technologies and Deployment Models 
  • Baselining Hydrogen Technology – Innovations in Electrolysis and Ammonia Synthesis

The purpose of this workshop is to share information and generate a discussion of collaborative prospects between the two industries to create new market opportunities, facilitate RD&D, and build mutually beneficial policy frameworks, all with the goal to mutually advance a clean energy future.

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Non-Firm Speakers

Trevor Brown, Executive Director, Ammonia Energy Association

Dr. William Chernicoff, Senior Manager – Global Research & Innovation, Toyota Mobility Foundation

Armond Cohen, Co-Founder and Executive Director, CATF

Tom Dower, Senior Director, Government Relations, ArcelorMittal

Heather Feldman, Director, Innovation, EPRI

Mike Fowler, Director, Advanced Energy Technology Research, CATF

Eric Ingersoll, Managing Director, Lucid Catalyst

Simon Irish, CEO, Terrestrial Energy

Dr. Eben Mulder, Chief Nuclear Officer, X-energy

Dr. Uuganbayar Otgonbaatar, Corporate Strategy Analyst, Exelon

Brett Rampal, Nuclear Team Manager, CATF

Dr. Shannon M. Bragg-Sitton, Lead, Integrated Energy Systems (IES), Idaho National Laboratory

Andrew Sowder, Senior Technical Executive, EPRI

Craig Stover, Program Manager – Advanced Nuclear Technology, EPRI


Clean Air Task Force

Ammonia Energy Association

Electric Power Research Institute

Terra Praxis