William Fork, co-chair of Pillsbury’s Fusion Energy practice, presented at the Fusion for Energy Contracting Professionals Roundtable June 26 – 28 in Cadarache, France. With more than 300 participants representing over 20 countries, the Roundtable centered on innovative legal thinking for fusion and other megaprojects. Themes discussed spanned from contract strategies, forms of contract, nuclear liabilities, and export control to competition law, public procurement law, intellectual property law and regulation of fusion technologies. In his board position with the International Nuclear Law Association (INLA), which co-coordinated the event along with Fusion for Energy and the ITER Organization, Fork assisted in coordinating the second-annual conference. 

The Roundtable has gained increased attention recently in light of the over $6 billion in private funding invested in fusion technologies in the last five years, along with large projects under development at ITER and CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).

Following the Roundtable, Fork was named as a member of the International Group of Legal Experts on Fusion Energy (FELEX), an independent, international panel designed to provide legal and regulatory guidance around the development of fusion energy for peaceful purposes.