Pillsbury and AAMA are proud to welcome our guest panelists May Wang, former CTO of Zingbox, and Meetesh Karia, CTO of The Zebra, to discuss this topic, along with the following questions during this one-hour webinar:

  • How are executive roles changing in this new environment? What have been some cultural changes observed? How can these observations influence what kinds of technologies they will use?
  • What are some technologies that are helping in this kind of transition? What might be on the horizon in terms of technologies like behavioral analytics and remote monitoring? How does your organization approach employee privacy?
  • When companies move from on -premise to a WFH mode, what are some contractual items they need to update/review, including SLA, privacy, liability and other clauses?
  • What are some of the “lessons learned” from their transition?
  • What metrics are executives looking at when making a decision to make this model permanent for some, if not all, of their employees?

Non-Firm Speakers