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Hurricanes and Insurance Recovery

Hurricane Florence: Evaluating Business Interruption Claims Following a Large-Scale Disaster
Storms like the one that recently caused widespread devastation in the Carolinas leave behind challenging questions about business interruption insurance coverage.
By Joseph D. Jean, Peter M. Gillon and Matthew F. Putorti

Hurricane Florence: Insurance Recovery Tips

By Joseph D. Jean, Peter M. Gillon, Alexander D. Hardiman and Aaron D. Coombs

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, a thorough understanding of the coverage available, the facts surrounding the loss, and the applicable law can often be key to maximizing insurance recovery.

Understanding Business Interruption Insurance and Wide-Impact Catastrophes
By Joseph D. Jean, Geoffrey J. Greeves and Vincent E. Morgan
In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, policyholders can expect insurers to put forward strong objections to some of the most consequential claims asserted by insureds.

Hurricane Harvey and Irma: Is Your Company Prepared for a Disaster?
The Property and Business Interruption Insurance Checklist
By Joseph D. Jean, Vincent E. Morgan and Geoffrey J. Greeves
An unexpected or catastrophic loss can force any company out of business, even if it is insured. You must understand your company’s risks and how your insurance policies cover those risks in order to manage them and maintain stability.

Hurricane Irma: Maximizing Insurance Recoveries
By Jennifer Altman, Joseph D. Jean, Peter M. Gillon and Geoffrey J. Greeves
Hurricane Irma’s epic scope and wind speed suggest that affected businesses and other organizations take immediate and proactive steps to maximize insurance recovery.

What a New Texas Insurance Law Means, and Doesn’t Mean, for Harvey’s Victims
By Vincent E. Morgan and Tamara D. Bruno
Changes to the Texas Insurance Code, effective September 1, 2017, may affect first-party claims of hurricane/wind/rainstorm damage.

Hurricane Harvey: Insurance Implications
By Vincent E. Morgan and Tamara D. Bruno
As this powerful storm looms in the Gulf of Mexico, businesses and other organizations in the affected area should prepare to take immediate action to maximize insurance recovery.

Critical Insurance Coverage Issues Emerging in the Wake of Sandy
By James P. Bobotek, Peter M. Gillon, Geoffrey J. Greeves and Vincent E. Morgan
This Bylined Article discusses the insurance issues arising from Superstorm Sandy.

Insurance and the Polar Vortex: Recovering Losses from the Big Chill of 2014
This Client Advisory discusses the insurance issues arising from the Polar Vortex weather pattern.

Intersections of Bankruptcy Law and Insurance Coverage Litigation
This book chapter discusses the important intersection between bankruptcy and insurance law. It includes the ability of a debtor to satisfy insured claims by the assignment of coverage proceeds in bankruptcy, the treatment of D&O insurance in bankruptcy, a debtor’s non-payment of a deductible or self-insured retention (“SIR”) as a defense to coverage, “buy back” agreements and coverage-in-place settlements in bankruptcy, the ability of insurers and/or debtor-affiliates to obtain third-party releases, insurer insolvency and potential gaps in coverage, and paid-loss retrospective policies and a bankruptcy estate’s bad faith claims.

Earthquakes and Insurance Recovery

Napa Quake a Reminder that Businesses Should Consider Insurance
As mentioned in: Law360, August 25, 2014,
Although it can be a big expense, the August 24 6.0-magnitude earthquake in Napa served as a reminder to business owners that earthquake insurance may be worth the cost.

Perspectives on Insurance Recovery
The 2014 California earthquakes serve as a resounding reminder to consider your insurance coverage needs. As our latest newsletter shows, the advice and guidance provided by experienced Insurance Recovery & Advisory lawyers is as crucial to a company’s business model and financial well-being as insurance itself.

Case Study: Old Wines, New Battles: Insurance Lessons from the Great Fire of 1906
Pillsbury helped establish a precedent mandating property insurers must cover fire damage ensuing from earthquakes regardless of whether those fires are “caused” by earthquakes or merely “followed” them.

Case Overview: Lessons from the Great Fire of 1906
California Wine Association v. Commercial Union Fire Insurance Company of New York
This article first appeared in Risk Management, December 1, 2010, Pg. 10(2) Vol. 57 No. 10 ISSN: 0035-5593.
By Rene L. Siemens and Peter M. Gillon
December 2010 marks the centennial of the landmark California Supreme Court decision that resolved the critical insurance coverage dispute arising from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire.

Shamrock Shake: St. Patrick’s Day Earthquake in Los Angeles Is a Reminder to Check Your Property Insurance Policy
By Robert L. Wallan, Kimberly L. Buffington and Alyson R. Parker
Los Angeles residents didn’t need to go to McDonald’s for their “Shamrock Shake” on St. Patrick’s Day 2014. At 6:25 a.m., a 4.4-magnitude earthquake shook L.A. County out of bed. Monday’s shake serves as a reminder to be informed about your current and future residential or commercial earthquake insurance coverage.

Six Bits or Bust: Insurance Litigation over the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
By Robert A. James
In 1906, California fire insurance policies accepted coverage of a variety of losses caused by earthquake. During and after their great tragedy of that year, San Francisco property owners wondered if their damages resulted from the uninsured quake or the insured fire.