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Global Sourcing

"Pillsbury has the strategy and structure that really facilitates transactions in this space... and the capacity and resources to deliver on complex transactions." — Client testimonials in the Chambers USA ranking guide

Creating value isn’t easy. Creating value through strategic outsourcing is no exception. There is no single deal structure, delivery model or sourcing process that works in every situation. Yet many outsourcing practitioners apply cookie-cutter methodologies, templates and standardized forms to “crank out” transactions that only partially support their clients’ objectives. This results in transaction myopia — expensive, narrowly focused, time-consuming transactions that create limited long-term value for the enterprise.

Pillsbury Global Sourcing is different — and our results are different. We tailor our approach to fit your company’s unique circumstances and goals. Our goal is not a transaction, but helping you achieve your objectives through intelligently leveraging the marketplace. We do this by focusing from the start on delivery and sourcing solutions that create better transaction design, better decision support and — most importantly — better results.

Better Transaction Design
Our approach is to begin at the end. We help clients architect effective operating models that allocate delivery responsibilities among the client and its suppliers. This ensures the supplier relationships and the supporting transactions fit within the client’s overall delivery strategy. Then, based on the client’s goals, constraints and risk tolerance, we design performance criteria and pricing metrics that transfer the appropriate delivery responsibility and pricing risk to the supplier.

Better Decision Support
Selecting the right supplier is at the heart of a successful outsourcing relationship. Pillsbury helps clients think through their objectives and constraints, and then describe their requirements in a way that lets suppliers propose tailored solutions rather than menus of options — giving them the right information to choose the right solution from the right supplier.

Better Results
Nobody likes surprises — during the deal or after. From strategy to RFP to negotiations, our integrated team of consultants and lawyers delivers a seamless sourcing solution that eliminates failed hand-offs between advisors and unnecessary document rework while minimizing the risk of misaligned expectations between the client and its suppliers. As we document each deal, we ensure the client’s delivery strategy, performance and business terms, and the selected supplier solution are properly captured in commercial terms that are transparent, informative and enforceable. Our work product is designed to work beyond the initial transition, to anticipate and address changing circumstances, and to enable clients and suppliers to remain operationally aligned over the course of their relationship.

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