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J.D., The University of Texas School of Law, 1987
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Laura E. Hannusch

Laura E. Hannusch

Texas Seeks Private Development Partners
Authors: Laura E. Hannusch, James S. Lloyd
Effective September 1, 2011, the Texas Legislature enacted the Public and Private Facilities and Infrastructure Act (the Act) for the purpose of enabling private investment in public facilities and infrastructure. The Texas Facilities Commission (the Commission) recently adopted Public-Private Partnership Guidelines (the Guidelines) setting forth the application requirements for qualifying projects and the review criteria and processes by which applications will be evaluated. The Guidelines are intended to provide certainty to the process of proposing and negotiating public-private partnerships (PPPs), which in turn should result in additional development opportunities to private parties while better utilizing and developing the State of Texas’ (the State) real estate assets and providing the State with non-tax revenue sources.
California Commercial Property Owners Face Deadline for Energy Benchmarking Disclosures
Authors: Laura E. Hannusch, Quinn A. Arntsen, Paul C. Levin
The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently issued revised draft regulations setting the implementation schedule for its energy use disclosure program under AB 1103. Under the implementation schedule, commercial real estate owners must disclose energy benchmarking data starting on: July 1, 2012, for buildings with more than 50,000 square feet; January 1, 2013, for buildings with 10,001-49,999 square feet; and July 1, 2013, for buildings with 5,000-10,000 square feet.
Texas Eminent Domain Laws Get a Makeover – A Primer on Senate Bill 18
Authors: Laura E. Hannusch, Brad Raffle, Joseph R. Herbster
The Texas Legislature has enacted Senate Bill 18, a law that substantially changes eminent domain practices for both public and private entities. The new rules will most certainly make condemnations more time-consuming and costly. Depending on how courts react to the new focus on takings being solely for a public use, condemning authorities may find themselves having to defend a taking more vigorously than ever before.
Winter 2010
Perspectives on Real Estate
Authors: Brant K. Maller, Dana Proud Newman, Laura E. Hannusch, Scott E. Barat, James P. Bobotek, James G. Gatto, Christina Cole, Brad M. Dashoff
The 19th edition of Pillsbury's Newsletter: Perspectives on Real Estate features articles written by Pillsbury attorneys from practice groups across the firm including Real Estate, Tax and Social Media, Entertainment & Technology.

Spring 2009
Perspectives on Real Estate
Special Edition: Purchasing Distressed Notes
Authors: William C. Bowers, Marjorie Fisher Gannett, Peter G. Freeman, Jerry L. Hall, Laura E. Hannusch, Robert (Robin) C. Jones, Jr., Elizabeth Vella Moeller, Dana Proud Newman, Patrick J. Potter, Glenn Q. Snyder, Christina Cole, Michael G. Silver, H. Carl Moultrie III, Susan Ormand Berry
Winter 2007
Pillsbury on Real Estate
Authors: Laura E. Hannusch, Robert C. Herr, Rachel B. Horsch, Yemi Oladeinde; Kurt L.P. Lawson; Kate Myers; Phil T. Feola; Susan E. Michelich
Spring 2005
Pillsbury on Real Estate
Authors: Laura E. Hannusch, James M. Rishwain, Jr., Ryan D. Staley; Robert M. Haight; Tuan A. Pham, Gary Downs, Christine A. Scheuneman
This edition features several articles written by members of Pillsbury's Real Estate Section. Topics include affordable housing, litigation, transit-oriented development and a brief narrative on what the April 2005 merger means to Pillsbury's Real Estate Section.Edited By: Robert Haight, James Rishwain, Barry Langman and Ryan Staley.
Spring 2003
Pillsbury on Real Estate
Authors: Laura E. Hannusch, Lewis G. Feldman, Max Friedman
Several articles written by members of the Pillsbury Winthrop Real Estate Practice Section are featured in this newsletter, including discussions of sublandlord's bankruptcy, terrorism insurance, and affordable housing.
Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury