Pillsbury racked up 29 practice rankings and 104 individual lawyer recognitions in the 2017 edition of The Legal 500 United States. The guide recognizes 84 Pillsbury lawyers, including 31 lawyers who were recognized for the first time.

In addition, seven lawyers were recognized as “Leading Lawyers,” the top ranking given to an individual. These were: James Alberg, Aaron Oser and Robert Zahler (Outsourcing); John Heisse (Construction); Mark Lessard (Asset Finance & Leasing); Susan Serota (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation); and Christopher Wall (International Trade). Meighan O’Reardon was recognized as a Next Generation Lawyer in Outsourcing.

Pillsbury practice rankings include: Antitrust (Cartel and Civil Litigation/Class Actions); Asset Finance and Leasing; Construction; Corporate Investigations & White Collar Criminal Defense; Cyber Law; Data Protection & Data Breach Response; Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation; Employee Health & Retirement Plans; Energy: Renewable/Alternative; Environment: Litigation; General Commercial Disputes; Government Contracts; Government Relations; Insurance: Advice to Policyholder; International Trade; IP: Patents (Prosecution and Licensing); Land Use/Zoning; M&A: Middle-Market; Outsourcing; Project Finance (Advice to Lender and Advice to Sponsor); Real Estate; Securities Litigation: Defense; Telecoms & Broadcast: Regulatory; U.S. Taxes: Contentious; U.S. Taxes: Non-Contentious; and Venture Capital & Emerging Companies.

The complete list of Pillsbury lawyers recognized in the 2017 edition of The Legal 500 United States:

James Dick, Roxane Polidora (Antitrust – Cartel); Fusae Nara, Jacob Sorensen, James Dick, Roxane Polidora (Antitrust – Litigation/Class Actions); Charlotta Otterbeck, Daniel Richards, Jonathan Goldstein, Mark Lessard (Asset Finance & Leasing); Jeffrey Gans, John Heisse, Melissa Lesmes (Construction); Carolina Fornos, Maria Galeno, Mark Hellerer, William Sullivan (Corporate Investigations & White Collar Defense); Brian Finch, Catherine Meyer, Deborah Thoren-Peden, Peri Mahaley (Cyber Law); Brian Finch, Catherine Meyer, Deborah Thoren-Peden, Peri Mahaley (Data Protection & Data Breach Response); Susan Serota (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation); Christine Richardson, Marcus Wu, Peter Hunt, Susan Serota (Employee Health & Retirement Plans); Michael Hindus, Michael Reese, Nicolai Sarad, Robert James (Energy: Renewable/Alternative); Christopher McNevin, Margaret Rosegay, Mark Elliott, Norman Carlin (Environment: Litigation); Colin Kemp, Kenneth Taber, Kirke Hasson, Joseph Jean (General Commercial Disputes); Alex Tomaszczuk, James Gallagher, John Jensen, Michael Rizzo (Government Contracts); Brian Finch, Elizabeth Moeller (Government Relations); Geoffrey Greeves, James Bobotek, Joseph Jean, Peter Gillon, Robert Wallan (Insurance: Advice to Policy Holders); Christopher Wall, Nancy Fischer, Stephan Becker (International Trade); Jack Barufka, Patrick Doody (IP: Patent – Licensing); Bryan Collins, Jack Barufka, Patrick Doody (IP: Patent – Prosecution); Rachel Horsch, Robert Herr (Land Use/Zoning); Craig Chason, Jorge del Calvo, Matthew Swartz, Michael Torosian, Robert Robbins, Steven Kaplan, Steven Meltzer (M&A: Middle-Market); Aaron Oser, Elizabeth Zimmer, James Alberg, Joseph Kendall, Meighan O’Reardon, Robert Zahler (Outsourcing); Fernando Rodriguez Marin, Jeffrey Gans, Michael Reese, Nicolai Sarad Peter Baumgaertner, Robert James (Project Finance); Caroline Harcourt, David Miller, Laura Hannusch, Robert Herr, Steven Hamilton, William Waller (Real Estate); Bruce Ericson, David Furbush, Sarah Good (Securities Litigation: Defense); Glenn Richards, John Hane, Miles Mason, Scott Flick (Telecoms & Broadcast: Regulatory); James Chudy, Jeffrey Vesely, William Bonano (U.S. Taxes: Contentious); James Chudy, Jeffrey Vesely, Julie Divola, William Bonano (U.S. Taxes: Non-Contentious); Jorge del Calvo, Patrick Devine (Venture Capital & Emerging Companies).

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James L. Alberg, Aaron M. Oser, Robert E. Zahler, John R. Heisse, Mark N. Lessard, Susan P. Serota, Christopher R. Wall, Meighan E. O'Reardon, James V. Dick, Roxane A. Polidora, Fusae Nara, Jacob R. Sorensen, Charlotta Otterbeck, Jeffrey R. Gans, Melissa C. Lesmes, Carolina A. Fornos, Maria T. Galeno, Mark R. Hellerer, William M. Sullivan, Jr., Brian E. Finch, Catherine D. Meyer, Deborah S. Thoren-Peden, Christine L. Richardson, Marcus Wu, Peter J. Hunt, Michael S. Hindus, Michael T. Reese, Robert A. James, Christopher J. McNevin, Margaret Rosegay, Mark E. Elliott, Norman F. Carlin, Colin T. Kemp, Kenneth W. Taber, Kirke M. Hasson, Joseph D. Jean, Alex D. Tomaszczuk, John E. Jensen, Michael R. Rizzo, Elizabeth Vella Moeller, James P. Bobotek, Peter M. Gillon, Robert L. Wallan, Nancy A. Fischer, Stephan E. Becker, Jack S. Barufka, Patrick A. Doody, Bryan P. Collins, Rachel B. Horsch, Robert C. Herr, Craig E. Chason, Jorge A. del Calvo, Matthew B. Swartz, Robert B. Robbins, Steven Kaplan, Steven L. Meltzer, Elizabeth Zimmer, Joseph E. Kendall, Caroline A. Harcourt, David L. Miller, Laura E. Hannusch, Steven D. Hamilton, William S. Waller, Bruce A. Ericson, Glenn S. Richards, Miles S. Mason, Scott R. Flick, James T. Chudy, Jeffrey M. Vesely, William E. Bonano, Julie A. Divola, Patrick J. Devine, Global Sourcing & Technology Transactions, Construction Counseling & Dispute Resolution, Asset Finance, Leasing, Executive Compensation & Benefits, Employment Law, International Trade, Antitrust & Competition, Consumer Class Actions, Corporate Investigations & White Collar Defense, Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy, Employment Law, Energy, Environmental Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Government Contracts & Disputes, Government Contracts & Disputes, Insurance Recovery & Advisory, Intellectual Property, Patent Counseling, Prosecution & Litigation, Land Use & Zoning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Projects, Real Estate, Securities Litigation & Enforcement, Telecommunications, Communications, Tax, Emerging Growth & Venture Capital, Cartel Investigations & Litigation, Nuclear Energy, Energy, San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Miami