The 2020 National Multistate Tax Symposium, now in its 16th year, will delve into the practical tax technical implications of our new age of Multistate taxation—but with emphasis on how an organization’s state tax leaders may deliver greater value to their business partners by distilling the complex for greater impact in the C-suite while aligning with your business’s priorities. The value-driven forum offers businesses the opportunity to hear from and interact with leading practitioners, industry peers, and colleagues from across the country.

Marc will participate during the “State tax controversies: A closer look at administrative interpretations” panel session at 2:30pm ET on January 31. In today’s transformed tax environment with its multitude of “open issues,” corporate tax departments nonetheless must move forward despite the lack of formal state guidance in many instances. However, even in situations where state taxing authorities have taken positions on tax law, how much deference should these interpretations be given, and under what circumstances? This session will consider whether federal principles of administrative agency deference apply to state tax audits and controversies. The session also will consider why state tax professionals should be involved with federal income tax audits, controversies, and settlements and what these federal tax outcomes could mean from a state perspective; moreover, learn how your business may benefit from potential related opportunities to offset tax due or enhance refunds at the state level, as well as apprise your nontax leaders about the subject overall.

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