Pillsbury New York counsel Sam Eichner served as lead trademark litigation counsel to the American Psychological Association Services Inc. (“APASI”) in a successful effort to stop deceptive advertising practices by CareDash through its website previously available at www.caredash.com

Those efforts began in August 2022, when Eichner, on behalf of APASI, sent a cease-and-desist letter to the CEO of CareDash demanding that the company immediately discontinue its practice of creating and promoting a “ghost network” consisting of false CareDash psychologist profiles—without the consent of profiled providers—to drive web traffic to the CareDash website and divert patients to CareDash providers.  Following APASI’s cease-and-desist letter, and ensuing opposition to CareDash’s deceptive practices, the CareDash business has now been permanently discontinued.

“Pillsbury is pleased to serve APASI in defense of truthful and accurate advertising of APASI members and their psychology practices, and in support of APASI’s important mission to promote the professional, scientific, and training interests of psychologists,” Eichner stated.