Pillsbury Data Privacy & Cybersecurity partner Rafi Azim-Khan recently penned a letter to the editor in The Economist in response to the publication’s May 11 article “How Creepy Is Your Smart Speaker?”

Azim-Khan, head of the firm’s Europe Data Privacy & Cybersecurity practice writes that convenience is no justification for misuse of consumer data: “Allowing Alexa, or any similar smart device, into our homes does not entail a tacit forfeiture of privacy.” Further, he writes, European and U.S. regulators “have new powers” and will continue to raise fines and enact new rules as technology continues to advance, to “avoid any sleepwalking into a surveillance society.”

And the data privacy authority advises big tech companies to recognize the “much heavier legal burden” of monetizing big data. “Offering convenience will be no defense of overreach in the use of personal data,” he warns.

Read Azim-Khan’s full letter at The Economist (subscription required).