The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, was passed last year and gives California citizens the right to see all personal information a business holds about them and also request that the data be deleted or not sold to third parties.

In a recent article, the Financial Times reports that the law will impact half a million companies in the U.S. While the legislation was introduced some time ago, it has undergone changes and only reached its final iteration in September, leaving only a few months for companies to comply before the January 1, 2020 deadline.

“Businesses have been waiting, waiting, waiting to see how these amendments come out, and this only really leaves a few weeks now,” Pillsbury partner Rafi Azim-Khan tells the Financial Times.

In addition, many businesses are also having to juggle CCPA rules with European GDPR obligations, not an easy task as Azim-Khan points out: “Whether they get everything done and everything right—that’s going to be an open question.”