The bipartisan infrastructure law is spurring a competition among fossil fuel-producing states to lead the first federally backed hydrogen "hub," a contest that could shape the fuel’s trajectory in the United States, according to Energywire.

An $8 billion fund has been set aside for large-scale clean hydrogen production, storage, transport and consumption. However, many question the viability of hub projects in the long run without a production tax credit, or PTC, among other tax incentives.

“The big elephant in the room that hasn't been passed yet is the hydrogen PTC," said Mona Dajani, the co-leader of Pillsbury’s Global Energy and Infrastructure Projects team.

But most industries with an interest in making or using lower-carbon hydrogen—spanning from utilities to trucking—are working under the assumption that Congress will enact incentives sooner or later, Dajani said. “It's a matter of when, not if.”

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