In an interview with Bloomberg Law, Anne Idsal Austin, former EPA air chief, said she wants to help clients navigate the tricky gray area between federal and state regulations in her new role as a Environmental & Natural Resources partner at Pillsbury.

Austin served as principal deputy assistant administrator of the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation during the Trump administration. She said her former role as general counsel for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will give her an advantage in steering clients through the thicket of clashing federal and state rules.

An issue Austin felt was left on the table before her tenure was up, is the five-year review process of National Ambient Air Quality Standards. The Clean Air Act requires a five-year examination period to reconsider standards for six criteria air pollutants including ozone and particulate matter. However, this lengthy, in-depth process is often delayed.

A timelier process would allow states and industry to provide more feedback and better prepare to put the standards in place, she said.

"If you want states to be able to continue to make those environmental gains and the progress, you need to be able to handle your side of the bargain, keep up with what you’re responsible for,” Austin added.

But Biden’s bold goals and clear articulation of where he wants to go with regulations makes the job somewhat easier [to forecast], she said.

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