Chambers USA 2018 has ranked 82 lawyers across the United States as leaders in their respective practice areas. This year’s guide recognizes 35 lawyers nationwide, as well as 13 practices.

Pillsbury’s Chambers USA 2018 rankings include the following practices:

Nationwide: Construction; Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation); Environment; Food & Beverages: Alcohol; Government: Government Contracts; Government: Government Relations; Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Policyholder; International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions; Outsourcing; Retail; Startups & Emerging Companies; Transportation: Aviation: Finance; Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory

California: Construction; Environment; and Tax

New York: Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation; Technology & Outsourcing

Northern California: Corporate/M&A

Northern Virginia: Corporate/M&A; Intellectual Property

Texas: Technology & Outsourcing

Washington, DC: Construction; Environment; Insurance: Policyholder; Technology & Outsourcing

Recognized Practices: Banking & Finance (California); Corporate/M&A (Southern California; Corporate/M&A & Private Equity (Washington, DC)

Pillsbury’s Chambers USA 2018 rankings include the following individuals:

Nationwide: Aaron Oser (Outsourcing); Alex Tomaszczuk (Government: Government Contracts); Allison Leopold Tilley (Startups & Emerging Companies); Benjamin Cote (International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions); Brian Finch (Government: Government Relations); Carrie Bonnington (Food & Beverages: Alcohol); Cathy Hood (Energy: Electricity (Finance)); Charles Donley (Transportation: Aviation Regulatory); Charles Peterson (Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)); Chris Wall (International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions); Craig Saperstein (Government: Government Relations); Daniel Budofsky (Capital Markets: Derivatives); David Baxter (Energy: Electricity (Finance)); David Lewis (Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)); David Stanton (Litigation: E-Discovery); Elizabeth Moeller (Government: Government Relations); Fred Lowell (Government: Political Law); Gerry Hinkley (Healthcare: Transactional); James Gallagher (Government: Government Relations); Jay Silberg (Energy: Nuclear (Regulatory & Litigation)); Jeffrey Delaney (Energy: Electricity (Finance)); Jim Alberg (Outsourcing); Jim Seff (Food & Beverages: Alcohol); John Heisse (Construction); John Jensen (Government: Government Contracts); Jorge del Calvo (Startups & Emerging Companies); Mark Lessard (Transportation: Aviation: Finance); Mark Plumer (Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Policyholder); Nancy Fischer (International Trade: Export Control & Economic Sanctions); Robert Zahler (Outsourcing); Stephan Becker (International Trade: Export Controls & Economics Sanctions and International Trade: Trade Remedies & Trade Policy); Susan Serota (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation); Todd Eckland (Energy: Electricity (Finance)); Tony Terrell (Energy: Electricity (Finance))

California: Cecily Dumas (Bankruptcy/Restructuring); Dave Minnick (Bankruptcy/Restructuring); Gerry Hinkley (Healthcare; Jake Sorensen (Antitrust); Jeff Vesely (Tax: State & Local); John Heisse (Construction); Jonathan Ocker (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation); Jorge del Calvo (Capital Markets: Debt & Equity and Corporate/M&A: Venture Capital); Julie Divola (Tax); Kevin Fong (Litigation: Appellate;, Margaret Rosegay (Environment); Mark Elliott (Environment); Norman Carlin (Environment); Philip Jonathan Tendler (Banking & Finance); Robert Thum (Construction);  Roxane Polidora (Antitrust)

Florida: Michael Kosnitzky (Tax)

New York: Andrew Troop (Bankruptcy/Restructuring); Deryck Palmer (Bankruptcy/Restructuring); Joseph Jean (Insurance: Dispute Resolution: Policyholder); Maria Galeno (Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations); Mark Hellerer (Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations); Susan Serota (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation); Vipul Nishawala (Technology & Outsourcing)

Northern California: Jorge del Calvo (Corporate/M&A)

Northern Virginia: Bill Atkins (Intellectual Property); Craig Chason (Corporate & M&A); David Miller (Real Estate); Jack Barufka (Intellectual Property); Matt Swartz (Corporate/M&A); Ngai Zhang (Intellectual Property); Steve Kaplan (Corporate/M&A); Steven Meltzer (Corporate/M&A)

Texas: Ed Cavazos (Technology: Corporate & Commercial); John Barton (Technology: Outsourcing); Liz Zimmer (Technology: Outsourcing); Tamara Bruno (Insurance); Vince Morgan (Insurance)

Washington, DC: Aaron Oser (Technology & Outsourcing); Benjamin Dean (Technology & Outsourcing); Brian Bodor (Technology & Outsourcing); David Dekker (Construction); David Klein (Insurance: Policyholder); James McPhillips (Technology & Outsourcing); Jeff Gans (Construction); Jeffrey Hutchings (Technology & Outsourcing); Jim Alberg (Technology & Outsourcing); Joseph Kendall (Technology & Outsourcing); Mark Plumer (Insurance: Policyholder); Matthew Morrison (Environment); Meighan O’Reardon (Technology & Outsourcing); Michael Evan Jaffe (Construction); Michael McNamara (Construction); Peter Gillon (Insurance: Policyholder); Robert Zahler (Technology & Outsourcing); Scott Flick (Telecom, Broadcast & Satellite); Sheila Harvey (Environment)

Aaron M. Oser, Alex D. Tomaszczuk, Allison M. Leopold Tilley, Andrew M. Troop, Benjamin J. Cote, Benjamin M. Dean, Brian R. Bodor, Brian E. Finch, Carrie L. Bonnington, Charles F. Donley II, Christopher R. Wall, Craig E. Chason, Craig J. Saperstein, Daniel N. Budofsky, David S. Baxter, David T. Dekker, David F. Klein, David L. Miller, M. David Minnick, David Stanton, Edward A. Cavazos, Elizabeth Vella Moeller, Elizabeth Zimmer, Jack S. Barufka, Jacob R. Sorensen, James L. Alberg, Jay E. Silberg, Jeffrey J. Delaney, Jeffrey R. Gans, Jeffrey D. Hutchings, Jeffrey M. Vesely, John L. Barton, John R. Heisse, John E. Jensen, Joseph D. Jean, Joseph E. Kendall, Julie A. Divola, Kevin M. Fong, Margaret Rosegay, Maria T. Galeno, Mark E. Elliott, Mark R. Hellerer, Mark N. Lessard, Mark J. Plumer, Matthew W. Morrison, Matthew B. Swartz, Michael Evan Jaffe, Michael Kosnitzky, Michael S. McNamara, Nancy A. Fischer, Peter M. Gillon, Philip J. Tendler, Roxane A. Polidora, Scott R. Flick, Sheila McCafferty Harvey, Stephan E. Becker, Steven Kaplan, Steven L. Meltzer, Tamara D. Bruno, William P. Atkins, Asset Finance, Aviation, Aerospace & Transportation - Regulatory, Aviation, Aerospace & Transportation, Bank & Leveraged Finance, Communications, Communications, Construction, Retail, Ecommerce & Consumer Brands, Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy, Energy, Energy Capital Markets, Derivatives & Structured Products, Environmental & Natural Resources, Executive Compensation & Benefits, Global Sourcing & Technology Transactions, Government Contracts & Disputes, Government Contracts & Disputes, Health Care, Insolvency & Restructuring, Insolvency & Restructuring, Insolvency & Restructuring, Insurance Recovery & Advisory, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Government Law & Strategies, Real Estate, Real Estate, Tax, Wine, Beer & Spirits Law, Private Client & Family Office, Energy, Real Estate Insolvency & Reorganization, Real Estate Insolvency & Reorganization, Real Estate Insolvency & Reorganization, Austin, Houston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Northern Virginia, Sacramento, San Francisco, Silicon Valley